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WorthPoint® can make you money in any financial climate. We help you value, sell and acquire with precision, through:
• Extensive valuation data from Worthopedia™ – the industry’s leading Price Guide with over 70 million items/realized prices
• Expert advice from over 30 Worthologists
• Networking with and promotion to trading partners
• Access to the largest auction houses & other trading venues
• Inventory from hundreds of antique dealers

As part of your WorthPoint subscription, you get access – via both your computer and mobile device – to Worthopedia – the largest price guide in the world, with over 70 Million prices realized from multiple venues – including eBay, GoAntiques, TIAS & the world’s leading auction houses. With Worthopedia, you’ll be able to find out in seconds how much any item is worth.

“When I need to expand my knowledge — whether identifying an object, learning its value, or keeping abreast of the latest news in the trade, I turn first to WorthPoint. WorthPoint provides the answers I need.”
- Harry L. Rinker, antiques/collectibles expert, hosts WHATCHA GOT?, a nationally syndicated antiques and collectibles radio call-in show.

You can Ask a Worthologist. Reviewed August 26th 2010 in The Wall Street Journal; it was the only online appraisal service among 5 that provided accurate estimates for all items tested. It is available to anyone who desires an unbiased, expert opinion of a collectible or antique. All you do is submit a brief request form with photos. For one low standard fee, a WorthPoint Worthologist will complete a detailed evaluation of your item – usually within 7 days – which includes an estimated range of its fair market value.

“I used the Worthologist service for the price of my old chopping block. They responded very fast with a good price and to my surprise they sent a history and comparables also. It was money well spent and I have recommended them to my friends and I will use them again Thank you so much.”
- Gloria Triplett, WorthPoint Member

Completely free with your WorthPoint subscription you get:
• A Profile in our vibrant online community
• A Bookmarked Events Calendar which you can use to promote your sales, keep track of key shows, etc.
• A listing in our Find a Business section
• Our exclusive Business Promotion Toolkit – including networking tools to build your own community on WorthPoint

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