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Antiques Auction Forum Podcast: Adrien von Ferscht on Chinese Export Silver

In this week’s installment of the Antiques Auction Forum podcast, Martin Willis speaks with Adrien von Ferscht, of Glasgow, Scotland, on the subject of antique Chinese Export Silver. Von Ferscht is a pure academic researcher and provides an astounding amount of resources on his blog, Chinese Export Silver. He has published a catalog of marks from […]

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Worthologist Von Ferscht Helps Brings Chinese Export Silver Back to Light in China

WorthPoint Worthologist Adrien von Ferscht has been at the forefront of research for Chinese Export Silver over the past five years, as his copious writing and publishing on the still little-known subject has dramatically changed the awareness and perception of this silver category worldwide. Now, having just returned from China—where his efforts have been recognized […]

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Chinese Auction Houses: More Than Just Culture Shock!

The mad scramble by Western entrepreneurs and businessmen to “get into the China market” leaves visible scorch marks across the globe that are probably so pronounced they can be seen from outer space. But the Chinese didn’t build the Great Wall for nothing—the Middle Kingdom has always been insular and, in many ways, still is. […]

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My Blue China: A Lesson in Globalization

Tracing the history of blue-and-white china is a great primer. The very first examples of white earthenware decorated with cobalt appeared in China as early as the ninth century. By the 1500s, they were already being snatched up by orient-obsessed Europeans and imitated with varying degrees of accuracy. Delft, a term often confusingly used to […]

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Apples to Apples: Comparing Genuine Chinese Export Silver to Fakes and Phonies

There is a cartoon that has been circulating in China that features two men and four baskets of apples. On each basket is the Apple computer company logo. One man asks the other: “Buddy, are you authorized to sell Apple?” to which the other replies “Authorized?” The reason behind this cartoon is that Chinese authorities […]

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The California Gold Rush’s Effect on Chinese Silver and Hong Kong

加州淘金热对中国银器和香港的影响 The more it is researched, the more Chinese Export Silver is shown to be by far the most complex and diverse silver category. It is virtually impossible to pick up an item of this silver without it being far more than what its outward appearance conveys. Picking up a piece of Chinese Export Silver […]

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Chinese Export Silver an Oft-Forgotten yet Significant Antique Silver Category

Chinese Export Silver (1785-1940) is a much-forgotten, yet highly significant antique silver category. Early Chinese Export Silver was comprised mostly of faithful copies of comparable quality of British, American and European silver of the Georgian period, with silver content being up to half as much again as the originals. Probably most of the true masterpieces […]

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The Search for Christian and Easter Rarities in the World of Chinese Export Silver

中國出口銀器: 復活節的珍寶 Christianity has had a presence in China since the Tang Dynasty, including a significant influential Jesuit network, as well as Protestant missionaries, many of whom were Scottish. Yet, despite the long history, surviving Chinese Christian religious artefacts are extremely rare. During Passion Week and Eastertide, we explore this complex and at times violent […]

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Chinese Export Silver Goes High Profile in Upcoming Christie’s Auction

There is no doubt about it: Chinese Export Silver is making more appearances than ever. Yet, what is undoubtedly one of the most significant silver categories on the planet—and probably one of the largest silver categories—still remains the most misunderstood and least-known. One of the most important sales of Chinese Export Silver begins online today […]

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Chinese Export Silver Items Star in Recent Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Sale

NEWBURY, England – Auction houses are ideal platforms for judging buying trends which, by default, would also include prevailing values. In a recent sale at Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions’ sale on in the U.K., 39 examples of Chinese Export Silver delivered some surprises; it goes without saying that the majority of buyers were from China. […]

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