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WorthPoint Coupon Codes – WorthPoint Discounts & Promotions

Thank you for your interest in!  You have reached our Special Offer page.  Currently, there are no WorthPoint coupons available.  Please check back often for special discounts.  Our promotional offers often include:

  • Discounted monthly rates
  • $1 days for unlimited price lookups
  • Half off our Ask a Worthologist service!

Please note that all coupons do not necessarily include a 7-day free trial.

If a WorthPoint coupon code is available, you will just need to enter it upon registration/checkout for the particular service you are buying.

WorthPoint has organized worldwide information on collectibles into a central library or “worth” database – the Worthopedia – which can be used to help you value almost any antique, piece of art, or collectible. If you would rather have expert assistance in your valuation, we offer the ability to ask one of our Worthologists about of your item. From time to time we offer coupons to any one of these services.

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