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WorthPoint Professional Services (WPS) provides extensive valuation and disposition counseling for large and often diverse collections of art, antiques and or collectibles. These types of collections fall into two broad categories. The first can be described as Fine Collections that may be held by:

  • Trusts
  • Institutions
  • Museums

The second group can be termed as Assets owned by individuals, businesses, or public entities that face one or more of the following situations:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Insurance coverage – risk management assessment
  • Damage due fire or natural disasters; insurance claim submission and adjudication
  • Asset disposal/downsizing
  • Onsite appraisals
  • Property appraisals for estate management purposes
  • Brokering
  • Litigation (divorce, civil action, etc.)

In cases involving litigation, WorthPoint can provide expert testimony and work product that is tailored for evidence presentation.

Why use WPS versus an appraiser service or other provider? Consider the following:

  • Depth and breadth of experience
    • Over 40 subject matter experts – Worthologists – worldwide
    • Ability to accommodate any locale and type of collection
    • Capable of providing expert testimony/evidence for legal purposes
    • Engagements include estates for well known, high net worth individuals
  • Rapid response and completion times: successfully completed projects as large as 5,000 items with value exceeding $8M in less than 30 days
  • Industry leading tools
    • 110M items in value guide known as Worthopedia, with realized prices from leading auction houses, marketplaces and eBay
    • Global data across all categories of art, antiques and collectibles
    • Reference repository – Marks & Library – with over 40,000 Marks and Hallmarks across all principle categories plus a complete library of reference books

WPS works like most consulting engagements and is contracted either based on hourly fees plus expenses or by the project. These engagements may be contracted directly with collection owners but may also be provided on behalf of or in cooperation with:

  • Claims management firms
  • Insurance carriers
  • Law firms
  • Estate managers/trustees

To inquire as to how WPS can solve your property valuation needs, simply fill out the information in the form below and we will be in touch. We look forward to working with you.

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