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Auction Report: GoAntiques Preferred Auctions May 16 & 17

by Sandra Lee Stuart (05/12/09).

Lovers of antiques, art and collectibles should mark their calendars for not one, but two days of GoAntiques Preferred Auctions. On May 16 and May 17, hundreds of enticing items are going under the hammer on Proxibid with bidding starting on both days at noon EDT.

Whether Victorian furniture or 18th-century salt-and-pepper shakers intrigue you, you’re bound to find something you like among the auctions’ array. Look through the catalogs (click here for May 16, here for May 17). If you can’t wait for the live online auction, place an absentee ballot after registering. (All bidders must register.)

To whet your interest, take a peek at just a few items up for bids.

Lot 2512594 (May16 auction) is a Spanish National cash register. What a wow, this circa 1908 to 1916 complex and intricate machine was designed to be used by nine different clerks or keep track of nine separate departments. It was also the most expensive machine produced at the time, with prices from $315 to $555, possibly much more if a floor stand or other options were added. It is in very good condition and carries an estimate of $1,700 to $2,200.

1912 Spanish National cash register

Antique Spanish National cash register


Lot 2512749 (May 16 auction), a sheet poster of the movie “Woman of Rome” with Gina Lollobrigida. La Lollo, once deemed the most beautiful woman in the world, starred in this Luigi Zampa flick. “Love was her profession . . . men her career!” the poster proclaimed. Pretty racy for 1956. In very good condition, it’s estimated at $275 to $400.

"Woman of Rome" poster

"Woman of Rome" poster

Lot 2513471 (May 17 auction), “Army of the Future,” a book by Charles de Gaulle. Charles de Gaulle, a World War I hero, fell out of favor with the French military brass after writing this book in 1934. He made a case for a small, highly mechanized, quick-moving army, arguing that the old theories of warfare that produced the Maginot Line, erected to stop the Germans should they decide to invade, would no longer work. He proved, tragically, correct. When the Germans did invade in 1940, they used new tactics, went around the Maginot Line and quickly added France to their list of conquests. In good condition for its age, it’s estimated at $35 to $65.

"Army of the Future" by Charles de Gaulle

"Army of the Future" by Charles de Gaulle

Lot 2512634 (May 16 auction) is a splendid example of 19th-century craftsmanship. This writing desk and étagère comes from the workshop of John Jelliff (1813-1893), a renowned New Jersey cabinetmaker. From 1836 to 1890, John Jelliff and Co. produced what is considered some of America’s finest, handcrafted furniture. Made from fine rosewood, the desk measures approximately 64.5 inches high by 36.75 inches wide and 23.75 inches deep. Condition: Very good. Estimate: $7,750 to $9,000.

Antique Victorian American desk

Antique Victorian American desk


Lot 2513444 (May 17 auction), a circa 1850 rose medallion reticulated basket in good condition. This Chinese Export chestnut basket, sometimes called a fruit basket, is 10.75 inches by 10 inches with a height of 4.25 inches. There is no underplate. It is estimated at $950 to $1,200.

Circa 1850, rose medallion reticulated basket

Circa 1850, rose medallion reticulated basket


All these items are subject to a reserve price.

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