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Anne Gilbert
Anne Gilbert

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Scripophily: Collecting Obsolete Stocks and Bonds for Art and History (9/20/12)
bond marconiOver the years, stocks and bonds have been issued by companies that have failed or simply gone out of business. … More >>

Collectors Find American Marine Paintings & Prints See Worthy (7/30/12)
volunteer racing off of sandy hookPaintings of ships at sea have captivated collectors for decades. It doesn’t matter whether they are watercolors, oils, pastels or, … More >>

The Rediscovery of Original Illustration Art Draws New Collectors (7/7/12)
illustration Gil ElvgrenToday’s’ collectors can’t seem to get enough of original illustration art, conceived and created for books, magazines articles and advertisements. … More >>

The Many Facets of Steuben Glass Still Fascinate (4/26/12)
STEUBEN CARDER LIGHTED SCULPTUREIt can capture the imagination or simply add a touch of beauty to the eye of the beholder. That is … More >>

Early Original Political Cartoon Art Collectible and Underpriced (4/18/12)
political cartoon lincolnImagine being able to own an original piece of art documenting an important moment in time of American political history … More >>