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Anchors, Harpoons and Brass Ship’s Fittings are Maritime Treasure Waiting in the Mud (4/28/14)
photo 1  KillickHere in New England, if you look carefully with a “pickers” eye, you may be lucky enough to come across … More >>

A Holy Grail of New England Bottles, a ‘Stoddard Flag Flask,’ Found (3/3/14)
SYes, that headline is correct, and I’d love to be able to say I was the one who found it. … More >>

Victorian Trash for Christmas: a Fine Pin Cushion Doll (1/27/14)
2For almost 40 years, I have been on my hands and knees, digging through trash. It is to the point … More >>

Collectible Matchbox Cars: Hope You Saved the Box! (10/22/13)
fire chiefI am 53 years old. So if my math is correct, it would have been about 45 years ago (the … More >>

Antique Marbles—The Simplest of Toys is now a Complex Hobby (8/11/13)
1  Goosebery marbleI had a 15-minute break from work one Saturday a couple of years ago and decided to spend it cruising … More >>

Collector’s Years of Digging, Diving for Bottles on Display at New Hampshire Museum (4/26/13)
SIt is not every day that a person can dig old trash out of the ground and have it wind … More >>

Cobalt Blue Bottles: Who Are You Calling ‘Old?’ (2/1/13)
#1___4_cobaltsThe most popular color collected by antique bottle collectors is cobalt blue. Maybe not so much for advanced collectors, but … More >>

Early American Bottles’ Pontils Tell Where and When they were Made (1/3/13)
1_ring_pontilCollectors of early American bottles will all tell you that there is a clear line of delineation set during the … More >>

Fashionable Collectibles from the Top: Fancy, Fascinating Victorian Hat Pins (11/13/12)
1Antique Victorian hat pins—long wire stems that attached to the top of a fancy woman’s hats, adorned at the top, … More >>

The News on the Wire is Glass Telegraph Insulators Offer Collectible Cash (10/23/12)
limeSomething you see for sale at almost any flea market or tag sale are antique telegraph insulators. These are the … More >>

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