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Bram Hepburn
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Read Those Lips… There’s Treasure in Your Back Yard! (9/17/12)
IMG_9780Almost any time I mention to someone that I dig for antique bottles, the first words out of their mouths … More >>

19th-Century Botany in a Bottle—Highly Desired Medicinal History in Glass (8/28/12)
photo 4In all antiques and collectables, the more interest there is in an object, the more valuable it becomes. In the … More >>

Antique ‘Hair Bottles’ Prove Great-Great-Grandmother had Bad Hair Days, Too (6/1/12)
IMG_9210There are not many of society’s problems that have had as little progress shown as the problem of bad hair. … More >>

Digging on Antique Bottles: Start a Collection with Glass Ink Pots (5/8/12)
IMG_9111Many advanced collectors of early American glass bottles will tell you the category they first started collecting was ink bottles. … More >>

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