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The Retrophile Files: Tips for Navigating the Brimfield Antique Show (5/4/12)
Patrick-Nagle---Vintage-360_MG_2861The Brimfield Antique Shows just might be the largest outdoor show on the east coast, if not the entire USA. … More >>

Forget Doom and Gloom: Sales Brisk at Pier Antique Show in NYC (4/4/12)
TheEntrancetoShowI recently attended the semi-annual Pier Antique Show—produced by Stella Show Management—at Pier 94 in New York City, and I … More >>

The Retrophile Files: From Humble Beginnings, Brooklyn Flea is Second Fiddle No More (3/12/12)
PinupGirls  Brooklyn Flea had a humble start in 2008. It had a good location in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn, and … More >>

The Retrophile Files: Built It Green! NYC Recycles Building Materials (2/27/12)
vintagetheatreseatsWhen you think of New York City, green living is not the first thing that comes to mind. However, there … More >>

The Retrophile Files: A Conversation with Jimmy DiResta, the ‘Lord of the Fleas’ (2/1/12)
LordofTheFleasAt it’s worst, reality television can be considered the lowest form of entertainment. Thankfully, Jimmy DiResta, an inventor, designer, builder … More >>

The Retrophile Files: Tippy-Tapping on Tricked Out Vintage Typewriters (1/10/12)
PrettyinPink.mytypewriterSure you can get a beat up vintage manual typewriter pretty easily. I must have seen hundreds over the last … More >>

The Retrophile Files: Fanning the Flames of a Junk Revolution (12/22/11)
Ki_NHere is the dirty truth; Ki Nassauer has made a career out of junk. Her talent for reinventing curbside castoffs … More >>

The Retrophile Files: A Thrift Shop with a Cure for What Ails You (12/13/11)
XmastreeThis Christmahanukwanzakah season, New York City’s Cure Thrift Shop makes doing good as you shop as simple as counting one-two-three. … More >>

Breakfast at Christie’s: Attending a New York City Art Auction (12/2/11)
chair_bid-paddle0November marks the start of the fall auction season in New York City, so it is fitting that the month … More >>

The Retrophile Files: Billy’s Antiques & Props Defends New York’s Old, Odd (11/29/11)
lookingupsouthsideBilly’s Antiques & Props has staying power, and in NYC, that is no easy feat. Big-box stores and over-inflated real … More >>

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