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Space Is a Frightening Place: Collecting ‘Alien’ Toys and Memorabilia (7/13/12)
Alien original soundtrack album released by 20th Century-Fox Records Corporation in 1979. Music composed by Jerry GoldsmithReleased in May of 1979, the classic sci-fi chiller “Alien” not only introduced moviegoers to an incredibly fearsome new movie … More >>

Avengers Assemble! A Look at Marvel Comics Superhero Collectibles (6/4/12)
A reprint of The Avengers #1 (Sept. 1963) comic book. An original copy can sell for thousands of dollars; this Marvel MilestoneOne of the most popular films of the year, the epic superhero flick “The Avengers” is shaping up to be … More >>

Monsters in the Afternoon: Collecting ‘Dark Shadows’ Memorabilia (5/8/12)
Jonathan Frid portrayed the 200-year-old vampire in the 1966-71 gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows. Johnny Depp has reprised the rMention the words “soap opera” and many people will think of tales involving attractive, globe-trotting couples, steamy romantic trysts, back-stabbing … More >>

Collecting the Visitors: A Look at Sci-Fi Series ‘V’ Memorabilia (4/11/12)
V ledeFrom classic literary works, like H.G. Wells’ 1898 novel “The War of the Worlds,” to films such as “Invasion of … More >>

Collecting a Hero for the Ages: A Look at Flash Gordon Memorabilia (2/21/12)
Flash Gordon Signal PistolLong before “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” captivated audiences with their imaginative tales of heroes, villains, alien creatures and travel … More >>

Collecting That Masked Man: A Look at Lone Ranger Memorabilia (1/18/12)
TLR and TontoOne of the most beloved of fictional western characters, the Lone Ranger has been thrilling fans with his heroic exploits … More >>

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