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Ken Hatfield

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The Avengers: The Comic Book Juggernaut that Almost Wasn’t (9/24/13)
avengers1In the summer of 1963, Marvel Comics published a comic book that few at the time imagined would still be … More >>

Riding High: Museum-Quality Collection of U.S. Military Saddles Come to Auction (7/30/13)
texasIf you’ve ever ridden a horse, chances are you used a saddle. But unless you’re an experienced horesman or a … More >>

Collecting U.S. Military Medals: The Value is in the Brooch (5/23/13)
AudieMurphyOfficialDAPhotoIf there’s one universal tenet observed by collectors of U.S. military medals, it is this: The value of the medals … More >>

Iron Man and the Avengers: The Comics Issues that Introduced them All (4/15/13)
tales-of-suspense-39On May 3, the “Iron Man 3” will hit movie theaters like a repulsor ray blast and has the potential … More >>

Collecting U.S. Naval Uniforms from the Second World War (2/28/13)
Seabee uniformWhen I was younger, we used to have this debate: If you were in combat in the Second World War, … More >>

The History of the Development of the U.S. M1 Helmet (12/12/12)
IMG_1040There’s an early scene in the recent movie, “The Master,” which features a lingering close-up of Joaquin Phoenix, the film’s … More >>

Collecting U.S. Army Uniforms from the Korea Conflict, ‘The Forgotten War’ (11/5/12)
IMG_1030They call it “the forgotten war”, but in the strictest sense, it wasn’t a war at all. More than 36,000 … More >>

Some Uniform Guidelines to Starting a U.S. Military Uniform Collection (9/24/12)
IMG_0975We recently received a large shipment of consignment items from one of our German customers. Among the items of note … More >>

Entry-Level Civil War Collectibles: They’re Out There if You Know What to Look For (8/27/12)
Forage capThere used to exist in the collecting industry a phenomenon known as the Golden Age. That is, a period of … More >>

Stitching Together a Second World War Military Patch Collection (8/6/12)
6860th HQ Detachment patchWhen I went to work for the auction house almost 10 years ago, I already had an extensive comic book … More >>

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