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Small Online Businesses Needing Working Capital Look to Kabbage (10/24/12)
handful of moneyChris Byrne always had a love for music. In 2009, he turned that love for music into a business, selling … More >>

Christmas Music Albums, Sheet Music Offer New Holiday Collecting Categories (12/15/09)
Bing Crosby,  Merry Christmas,     LP Record AlbumBah Humbug! That was Ebenezer Scrooge’s iconic attitude to Christmas, and Christmas carols were definitely not music to his ears. … More >>

Preserving Holiday Decorations: Proper Storage is the Key (12/14/09)
image0024.jpgMany of us have antique Christmas ornaments and decorations that were passed down by mothers and grandmothers. Hopefully, yours are … More >>

Polishing Your Antique Silver: Tips for a Tedious Holiday Chore (11/18/09)
silver polishing 2Thanksgiving Day is a week away, and if you are tempted to get out your antique silver to make your … More >>

Last Year’s Almanacs May Not Be Useful, but They Sure Are Collectible (9/9/09)
The "Tribune Almanac of 1859," published by H. Greeley co. New York, contains 80 pages of info and advertisements.It used to be said of something no longer of use that it was “as useless as last year’s almanac.” … More >>

Who are the Top 30 American Visual Artisans of the 20th Century? (7/27/09)
Pete Max on the cover of "Life" magazineWho are the 30 most influential American visual artists of the 20th Century? Who made it to No. 1? List ... More >>

Auction Report: Heritage Has Original Dr Pepper Formula (5/4/09)
dr-pepper-formulaWhen what is widely considered to be the original formula for Dr Pepper crosses the auction block at Heritage Auction … More >>

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