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Wayne Jordan

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‘One Night, One Show, One Cause’ Auction Features One-of-a-Kind Guitars (10/3/14)
Baltimore artist Karl Saar’s contribution to this year’s One Night, One Show, One Cause benefit for the Living with Cancer Resource Program at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, is a guitar embellished with a fish, perched on a stand of metallic “seaweed” over a cache of 76 metal guitar picks.It’s another trifecta for Baltimore: world-class guitar maker Paul Reed Smith joins forces with Baltimore’s top visual artists and famed … More >>

Worthologist’s Kindle Book offers Advice to New Dealers in the Antiques Trade (9/11/14)
book coverWhile driving through a neighboring town, Wayne Jordan was surprised to see that a relatively new antique mall had closed … More >>

Who gets your Digital Assets when You Die? No One, unless you Prepare (9/3/14)
Our lives have become digitized and password protected, and when we die, access to our accounts and rights to the contents thereof die with us—unless we make digital access part of our estate plan. Our lives have become digitized and password protected, and when we die, access to our accounts and rights to the … More >>

How to Bequeath Your Collection and Keep it out of Probate (8/27/14)
If you have a baseball card collection and would like it to go to your grandson, you had better prepare your last will and testament to make sure bequeathed items or collections go where you want them to go and not end up in probate.To some, leaving behind a meaningful legacy upon death is important. To have built a house, written a book, created … More >>

Mom’s Mother’s Day Gift to Her Children: The ‘Who Gets What’ Discussion (5/7/14)
to dear mother. “When I’m gone,” said Mom about a year ago, “I want you each to have back the gifts you’ve given … More >>

Guernsey’s Guitar Auction Could Rewrite Investment Guitar Market Thinking, Prices (3/31/14)
photo 3 1930 Martin OM-45In 1933, struggling 22-year-old musician Leonard Slye needed a guitar. He found one at a California pawn shop and paid … More >>

Estate Sale Misidentification Almost leads to Melting of $33M Fabergé Egg (3/20/14)
faberge eggWhat a difference a few minutes of research can make. If you haven’t heard by now, collectors around the globe are … More >>

Estate Executors’ Headaches: How to Open, Price and Sell Residential Safes (3/17/14)
safecrackingOne of my “go-to” movies when I’m in the mood for a caper-flick is “The Italian Job” starring Mark Wahlberg. … More >>

Muscle Car Music: Collecting those Icons of the ’70s, 8-Track Tapes (3/11/14)
PRONOUNCED Leh-NERD Skyn-NERDTo garage-salers and flea market buffs, they seem to be everywhere. Most folks walk right by boxes full of them … More >>

Bopping Through Recording History with Collectible Rockabilly Records (3/4/14)
quartetCollecting records is easy. Records are widely available and often cheap. But assembling a meaningful record collection requires thought, vigilance … More >>

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