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I Inherited the Family Piano… Now What? (9/20/13)
photo 3 Mason & Hamlin consoleHow do you stop an elephant from charging? Take away his credit card. Why do elephants have trunks? Because they … More >>

Brunswick Panatrope Radio Phonograph was the First Multi-Disc Record Player (9/12/13)
Photo 4 Inside the Brunswick phonographI bought my first MP3 player last week. I know it’s old technology. Apple introduced the iPod in 2001 and … More >>

Estate Executors’ Headaches: Shelves and Shelves Full of Books (9/6/13)
1 books on shelvesFrom the time I was a college student, I’ve been a collector of books. Well, not a collector exactly; more … More >>

The Auction that Launched the Antiques Trade (9/3/13)
BlenheimPalaceThe antiques business began in July, 1886. At least, that’s the claim made by author Jonathan Gash in his book “Paid … More >>

Estate Executors’ Headaches: Hard-to-Sell Items (8/25/13)
OIt’s fun to think of estates as being filled with hidden treasures, waiting to be discovered and cashed in for … More >>

Fender Instruments: From Radio Repair to Rock ‘n’ Roll History (8/16/13)
1962 Fender StratocasterLeo Fender became a rock ‘n’ roll icon quite by accident. After a brief career as a bookkeeper, Leo opened a … More >>

Antique & Collectible Hand Tools often make for Estate Sale Windfalls (7/18/13)
planeThe big white canopy tent was erected overnight. It sat on the parking lot of a shopping mall, close to … More >>

Lawn Art: The Oft-Overlooked Value in Estates (6/20/13)
Pink flamingosIn American popular culture, the kitsch surrounding pink flamingo lawn ornaments appears universal. Mention such ornaments and visions of trailer … More >>

America’s Early Antique Stores: When did the Industry begin in Earnest in the U.S.? (6/4/13)
Photo 4 Golden Gallery first floor 2Having lunch with friends from the U.K., we discussed our afternoon spent browsing through antique stores. “Why aren’t there more … More >>

Loar Mandolins: The Choice of Famous Fretters (6/1/13)
photo 2 1939 F5On the afternoon of Nov. 13,1985, Della Monroe, wife of Grand Ole Opry star Bill Monroe, came home to find … More >>

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