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Campaign Buttons: An Election Poll (11/17/08)
Campaign button sales as a predictor of election results? More >>

WorthPoint Political Memorabilia Expert Releases USA Button Poll Revealing (10/31/08)
ATLANTA, Oct. 31 /PRNewswire/ — Based on current political-campaign buttons sales, Senator Barack Obama is the likely winner of next week’s presidential contest, according to WorthPoint political memorabilia expert More >>

Wyoming Quarter Double Dies Found (9/19/08)
Third double die and hardest to see.  Need magnification of at least 10XA Pennsylvania coin fancier sent in three different hub doubled die varieties on the reverse of the 2007-P Wyoming state quarter to the National Collectors Association of Die Doubling. Here is another oddity to watch for, and perhaps hold onto for future investment return. More >>

Top ten ways to get the upper hand at yard sales (9/18/08)
Don Autumn is here, and it’s a busy time for yard sales, flea markets etc. These events are all great ways to get items to resell but the best things get snapped up fast and these sales can be very competitive. Here are top ten tips to get the upper hand when buying. Don’t take them too seriously ;) More >>

Brimsfield Residue (9/15/08)
That would be Brimfield, Massachusetts, home of the largest flea market. More >>

Antique Business: How to Buy and Sell During Economic Shifts and Uncertainty (9/15/08)
A Lot of 147 Confederate Soldier How does your Antique Business Bank Account look today? If there’s money to buy, this is the time to be very patient with your buying. The economic winds are shifting and time is needed to see where these winds are headed. Members of the 31 Club are advised to be patient and wise in their buying and not to be too venturesome for the moment.   More >>

Sunnybrook Antiques at Brimfield (9/12/08)
WorthPoint’s Dan Borsey takes a peek inside the tent of Sunnybrook Antiques at the September Brimfield antique shows. He finds beautifully hand-painted “Gone with the Wind” replica lamps, a 1930s or ’40s lady’s dresser set with all its pieces and a still-working early-20th-century clock. More >>

Rep. Watt D-NC Proposes Civil Rights Quarter Dollars (9/10/08)
Here is an artistCivil rights leaders and events are the latest proposal for quarter dollar coin designs. Rep. Watt D-NC introduced legislation to establish circulating quarter dollar coins with reverse designs that are emblematic of some forty prominent civil rights leaders and important events. More >>

eBay, WHAT are you doing?! (9/9/08)
I’ve been an eBay seller going on 11 years, I love what the company has helped me do with my business and it’s largely responsible for the success of my Internet presence. One could argue that I owe eBay a lot. More >>

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