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Estate Planning—Stop the Squabbling, Save the Family (8/8/08)
When it comes to dividing an estate, ordinarily level-headed, rational people often act like 3-year-olds arguing over who gets the Slinky and who gets the yo-yo. The funeral is barely concluded when the squabbling begins over the disposition of art, antiques and collectibles. “Why do you get the antique Lalique wineglasses? You don’t know a Burgundy from a Bordeaux.” More >>

Beautiful Sri Lankan Monetary Notes (8/6/08)
Reverse view of the 50 and 100 Rupee notes I have acquired this complete set of monetary notes from Sri Lanka. They are beautiful crisp uncircuated notes dated 1979, seven years after the Ceylonese gained autonomy from the British Commonwealth and gained their own Parliament and heads of State. In 1972 when the island became completely self-governing, the name was changed to Sri Lanka. Shown is my set of Rupee bills. More >>

Antique Baseball Gloves—How the Game Used to Be (8/5/08)
Baseball fans are like historians in many ways. They pride themselves on being able to quote arcane stats, facts and stories. One aspect of sports collectibles that is important to many historians of the game is baseball-glove collecting. Collectors are fascinated by antique gloves that tell stories of the development of this incredible sport More >>

Is Dot on 1875 Cent Reverse the Secret Mark? (8/3/08)
The raised dot on the The hunt to identify a “secret mark” on the reverse of an 1875 Indian Head cent which has persisted for some thirty-six years may have finally been successful. This year a coin appraiser, assessing coins for an auction had his attention drawn to a particular 1875 Indian cent. The coin had a tiny raised dot on one of the letters in the denomination. More >>

Estate Planning—Antiques, Collectibles & GREED (8/1/08)
Inheriting fine collectibles, antiques and art sometimes brings out unattractive qualities in people, one being greed. Let me assure you … More >>

Autograph World Teams Up With WorthPoint (7/24/08)
Autograph World joins WorthPoint, a social network and search engine for collectors More >>

WorthPoint to Sponsor “American Presidential Experience” During Democratic National Convention in Denver (7/2/08)
DENVER, July 2, 2008 — (BUSINESS WIRE)–WorthPoint Corporation, a Web-based social network and search engine for collectors, announced Wednesday that it will sponsor the “American Presidential Experience” during the Democratic National Convention in Denver, August 25-28. More >>

Hobbies Spark Creation of Online Resource for Collectors (7/1/08)
Hobbies Spark Creation of Online Resource for Collectors Virginia Business magazine July 2008 By Lee Graves You can’t accuse Will Seippel of escaping into his hobbies when he comes home from work. If anything, the collectibles in his Georgia home serve as the model for his business, and they provide a window into the passions of this Virginia native. More >>

Litchfield County Auctions Partners With WorthPoint (6/30/08)
Litchfield County Auctions, Inc. teams up with WorthPoint, a social network and search engine for collectors More >>

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