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Looking to Sell Your Hollywood Collectibles? Then we’ve got an Auction for You (6/27/14)
A Dorothy “test” dress and pinafore from “The Wizard of Oz” is expected to lead the Bonhams/TCM “No Place Like Hollywood” auction, scheduled for November, with a presale estimate of $200,000 to 300,000. (Photo: Bonhams)Last year’s Bonhams and Turner Classic Movies’ “What Dreams are Made of”auction drew more than 700 bidders who bought a … More >>

Orson Welles Auction offers Insight to Famed Actor & Director (4/8/14)
wells with cameraWant to see the world the way legendary movie actor and director Orson Welles did when he shot home movies? … More >>

Extra! Extra! Newspaper Movie Posters Take You to Where the Action Is (3/25/14)
deadline usaFrom cinema’s earliest days, newspapers offered the movies heroes, heroines and a visual shorthand it used constantly not only in … More >>

Elizabeth Taylor’s ‘Crown Jewels of Hollywood’ Coming Up for Auction (11/28/11)
taylor earingsA selection of 2,000 items from what some call “The Crown Jewels of Hollywood,” Elizabeth Taylor’s incredible collection, will hit … More >>

Marilyn Monroe Costumes Go for Millions at Debbie Reynolds’ Auction (6/20/11)
marilynwhitedressAn unidentified person bidding by phone snatched up the iconic “subway grate” dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in “The Seven … More >>

Debbie Reynolds’ Cinema Costume and Prop Auction Offers Unique Hollywood Treasures (6/15/11)
auctioncatalogRemember the dress that flies up and exposes Marilyn Monroe’s legs to her waist as she stands over a New … More >>

The Ten Most Valuable Oscar Best Picture Posters (2/20/09)
wings-1sheet-aWinning an Oscar may or may not catapult stars or director to greater things, but it most certainly tends to … More >>

Shy Oscar Rarely Comes to Market (2/17/09)
The Academy Award of Merit, otherwise universally known as the Oscar.Some of the rarest—and most sought-after—pieces of movie memorabilia are the statuettes given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts … More >>

Out-of-This-World Poster Artist Bob McCall (1/30/09)
The Style A poster for the 1968 Stanley Kubrick movie “2001: A Space Odyssey,” done in different sizes, depicts the wheel-shaped Space Station One, is the most common.By Allan Maurer WorthPoint Worthologist Science fiction superstar Isaac Asimov once called Bob McCall “the nearest thing we have to an artist-in-residence … More >>

Hollywood Museums in Vietnam and Ohio (12/1/08)
The movie poster for “A Christmas Story.” The movie came out 25 years ago, but has a huge following, and now, the house in Cleveland, Ohio, where the exterior shots were taken is a museum dedicated to the movie.Hollywood Museums in Vietnam and Ohio By Allan Maurer The interest in movie memorabilia stretches from Cleveland, Ohio to Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam. More >>

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