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Andy Bernstein
Andy Bernstein

Andy Bernstein is a Worthologist who specializes in collectible license plates

Latest Articles by Andy Bernstein

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‘Registered in R.I.’ License Plate is a Real Diamond Found in the Rough (11/18/13)
Registered In Rhode Island 1Last year, at the beginning of the holiday season, I received an e-mail from a young lady by the name … More >>

Collecting Political and Low-Number License Plates (6/16/09)
New York GovernorEver since the days of early motor vehicle registration there has always been fierce competition amongst drivers to obtain a … More >>

Collecting License Plates of Mexico (2/24/09)
It has only been over the last five years that Mexico has gone from a single-design for all license plates across the country to a new registration system with colorful graphic designs, making Mexico’s new license plates, like this one from Sinaloa, much more sought after by collectors.Mexico, or the United States of Mexico, as it is called in Spanish (los Estados Unidos Mexicanos), consists of 31 … More >>

‘Bearly-Collectible’ Northwest Territories Canadian License Plates (12/1/08)
nwt70 License plates of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Canada By Andy Bernstein More >>

United We Stand License Plates (11/5/08)
New Jersey -- United We Stand United We Stand: Sept.11th, 2001 and Fight Terrorism License Plates By Andy Bernstein More >>

Presidential Inaugural License Plates a Tough Collection to Fill (10/6/08)
inaugural-1933-5Presidential Inaugural License Plates a Tough Collection to Fill By Andy Bernstein More >>

The Lure of Collecting Automobile License Plates (10/1/08)
Once upon a time, old license plates were just old license plates. Once having outlived their usefulness, they were discarded, tacked to an old barn door or nailed to the garage walls and quickly forgotten. Anyone that collected them was viewed as somewhat of an oddball, perhaps engaging in some type of suspicious activity. More >>