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Selling While it’s Hot! (5/16/08)
Silver Dollars Like This Are a Staple of American CollectingPeople tend to think that the collectibles market goes only in one direction as things age and that is up. While it’s true that many antiques and collectibles do get more valuable with age, I can assure you it’s not always the case. Remember Beanie Babies? How about canning jars? Old Insulators? Right. More >>

Tune in for ep17 of The Auctionwally Show Featuring Antiques Expert Daryle Lambert (5/12/08)
Call in at 8 pm Eastern Time 1-646-378-1561I hope you’ll tune into tonight’s episode of The Auctionwally Show on Blogtalkradio at 8 pm Eastern Time. More >>

It IS Easy Being Green With Antiques (5/10/08)
Vintage Hi-Fi Cabinets Have 101 Other UsesThanks for reading this post, if you’d like to read more you can find my online antiques and appraisal blog at I also write as an antiques and auction expert for a National Online Newspaper at: More >>

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