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Collecting Baseball Cards: 1948 Bowman Baseball Card Set (12/16/08)
Bowman 1948 Stan Musial CardFor the baseball card industry, 1948 is considered the start of the modern or post-war era of baseball card collecting. … More >>

Collecting Baseball Cards and the 1948 Leaf Set (12/1/08)
The back of the Jackie Robinson card from the 1948 Leaf Set.Collecting Baseball Cards and the 1948 Leaf Set By Ed Kushner More >>

Third-Party Sports Card Grading and Its Effect on Value (10/6/08)
The grading of sports cards has become a widely accepted method for verifying a card’s condition and authenticity. Grading was first introduced to the hobby in 1991 by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) of Newport Beach, Calif. PSA is a company spun off from Professional Coin Grading Service. More >>

Collecting High-Valued Baseball Cards (9/9/08)
While prices for the basic living necessities keep rising faster, the market for high end baseball cards seem to be growing more and more. Unlike when times were tough back in the early 1980’s when high end sports cards prices were at their lowest, this time around the baseball card market is just the opposite. Then and Now More >>