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Bonnie Wilpon
Bonnie Wilpon Bonnie Wilpon, of Tampa, Florida, is a charter member of the Sunshine Postcard Club (1976), and has served as its Treasurer (currently), President, Editor and Show Chairman over the years. A member of the Tropical Postcard Club and the IFPD (International Federation of Postcard Dealers) as well, she buys, sells and appraises postcards. Bonnie has written two books, published by Arcadia: A Postcard History of Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida and A Postcard History of Hollywood, Florida. Some of Bonnie's photographs have been made into postcards by an Australian firm, and she is active in Post Card Heaven as well as the Mensa international postcard group. Her personal postcard collections are extensive, and she is a strong promoter of the hobby.

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The Postcard Time Machine: Using Postcards Creatively (6/24/14)
Pick out some postcards that touch on the interests of each family member, such as fishing, a love of clowns or television shows. Decide how you want to lay them out in a pleasing manner, taking into account color, subject and balance.“Gee, these old postcards are cool—but I’m not really a collector,” say several of my friends. Some tell me that … More >>

The Postcard Time Machine: The Dionne’s Miracle Quintuplets (3/17/14)
trikesOn May 28, 1934 a young farm wife in the back woods of northern Ontario, Canada, gave birth to identical … More >>

The Postcard Time Machine: How About Those Quiz Kids? (3/3/14)
redThe Quiz Kids were part of American culture for many years. In a time when children were to be seen … More >>

Postcard Time Machine: Life of the Tlingits of Canada and Alaska (1/10/14)
eagleEvery so often I come across a set of postcards that captivates me. While the value of the set may … More >>

Postcard Time Machine: Christmas—The Way it Never Was (12/21/13)
kidsdoorThese days, I hear people bemoaning the commercialization of the holiday season. At least once during Black Friday, there’s a … More >>

A Day At Disney World—In Postcards (12/18/13)
overviewWhen Walt Disney World opened its gates in Orlando in 1971, I was 19 years old. Having traveled Florida’s byways … More >>

Postcard Time Machine: All the Single Ladies (10/12/13)
friendThese days most young women know that they can get an education and launch a fulfilling career they enjoy. They … More >>

Postcard Time Machine: Remembering More Stars of TV and Film (9/24/13)
dannyPostcards of famous people have always been popular. In addition to historical figures, authors and kings and queens, postcards celebrate … More >>

The Postcard Time Machine: Remembering Classic Television Stars (9/13/13)
lucy and desiPostcards preserve the past and, like photographs, remind us of people we miss. In this stroll down the memory lane … More >>

More on Novelty Postcards: Out of the Ordinary (7/17/13)
BookletAIn my last two articles, we looked at several different categories of novelty postcards, including mechanicals, add-ons, postcards that serve … More >>

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