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Military Eras: Vietnam War Collectibles on the Rise (5/26/09)
A “Golden tiger” camouflage shirt is one of the more uncommon collectible finds from the Vietnam War era.Over the last 15 years, Vietnam militaria has become an increasingly popular collectible, with strong collector communities in unlikely places, … More >>

Military Eras: Top 5 U.S. WWII Collectibles (5/20/09)
M1 GarandMost would agree that World War II militaria is the most popular military era to collect, and fortunately, “out of … More >>

Seven Tips for Collecting Militaria (5/4/09)
Make sure you utilize the inspection period. Items, such as this WW II face mask for a rocket launcher is very fragile and stiff from sitting in its original box for 60 plus years, and is being sold as-is. If you are not 100-percent confident about the item offered… walk away.1. Invest in Reference Books Collecting militaria can be a minefield (pun intended), filled with misrepresented items and down right fakes. … More >>

Remembering the Good Old Days of the Early 1990s (1/28/09)
I found this Zanesville matte green vase model 795 on a road trip in Missouri. I’m taking far fewer road trips now that items like this are easier to find on the Internet. By Chris Hughes WorthPoint Worthologist Over the last two decades the Internet has increasingly impacted culture and commerce, but for most of … More >>

Not all WWII Visor Caps are “Crushers” (12/12/08)
b46a0c2a0d6dcbe7118212e68e1022dc_0_tn1There is rampant misuse of the term “crusher cap” in reference to US visor caps in the WWII militaria collecting … More >>

MACV-SOG 1-0 Jacket: A Symbol For Vietnam’s Elite Among The Elite (12/12/08)
Until recently, little was known or published about MACV-SOG, an elite US Special Forces reconnaissance unit in Vietnam. SOG was … More >>

The Birth of a Collector (9/4/08)
MikeI was talking with my friend Mike Bockman, a militaria dealer and owner of, when we got on the subject of the Niobrara River that runs across the Northern part of Nebraska. I had canoed this river several times in Boy Scouts and Mike had canoed it with his family when he was young. More >>

Grant Wistrom’s Orange Bowl Jersey!!! (9/4/08)
I do not follow sports, but even I was amazed to see my wife pull this jersey out a drawer one day. She was friends with UNL Black Shirt Grant Wistrom while she was in college at University of Nebraska Lincoln. She went to all the home games, along with several of the away games. More >>

Selling My Vintage Vans Shoe Collection (9/4/08)
A few months ago, I decided to redirect some of my collecting energy towards new frontiers. In doing so, I made the decision to liquidate my collection of vintage Vans shoes. Skateboarding was a big part of my adolescence, and I always loved placing my order for a customized pair of Vans, made to my exact color specifications. More >>

Hello Beijing! (9/4/08)
Gentleman wearing a 1950s MA-1 Flight Jacket After spending over 15 hours on a to jet to Beijing, my rubber legs ambled off the plane, through customs, towards the baggage carousel, where I waited to be reunited with my luggage. I was not too groggy to notice the gigantic Kentucky Fried Chicken mural and chuckle over its absurdity. Across the airport, I saw a man wearing something that caught my eye. More >>

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