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Cliff Sophia
Cliff Sophia

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The Quintessential Union Firearm (9/4/08)
Full-Length View of Springfield US Model 1861 Rifle Musket.Over the last twenty years I keep getting one question asked over and over again. What was THE CIVIL WAR FIREARM? In a war right at the cusp of the industrial revolution that is a more difficult question then it may seem. With the use of every arm ever made in American Arsenals and Imports from almost every country in Europe, the total of Arms used in our Civil War is over 600 distinct types! More >>

Collecting (2/22/08)
A question I get from novice arms collectors is “What should I collect?”. My constant answer is “Collect What You Like”. If you have an abiding interest in The Civil War, collect Civil War Arms. The diversity is amazing! There were over 600 types of firearms used by both sides during that War and you will never collect them all! But it’s fun to try! More >>

Condition (1/3/08)
In my experience there are three things that matter most in Antique Guns, Swords and Militaria. Condition, Condition and CONDITION. Buy the best quality item you can afford. More >>