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It’s a Brewer’s Market (1/9/08)
Antique corkscrewLike anything else made by man, BEER has a diverse and interesting history, rife for academic study. Those old tin cans in the basement could be worth polishing up and checking out. That metal Pabst Blue Ribbon sign and the funny, corkscrew souvenir grandpa bought for grandma on their honeymoon – these are valued pieces of Breweriana! More >>

You never know what you will find… And when… (1/3/08)
I was driving to get gas at 7:30 this morning here in Maine. The temperature was a brisk 3 degrees. We have an outdoor flea market at an antique mall where dealers sell their wares just about year round. I was so surprised to see a dealer out in front of the flea market on such a cold day, so I stopped to show my interest in his craziness. More >>

Why do you collect? (1/3/08)
I meet a lot of people in my travels as a Salesman. I have met people that collect the strangest items, some really valuable, some pretty much worthless. After seeing random collections of everything, I have become fascinated with why we collect the things we do. I collect for the history and feel of an item. More >>

I’ve Lost My Marbles, Show Me Yours!!!! (12/5/07)
I have officially lost my marbles! I am looking for collectors who want to share their marble collections and form a solid grounded community with a vast knowledge base. Show the world your marbles! More >>

What A Great Looking Site!!!! Put Those Collections Up Folks!!!! (11/11/07)
With this beautiful new website we are blessed with we all should be posting our treasures on it.  Everyone has something they have bought because it is or will be "worth" something. More >>

Re: Houston We Have A Problem? (8/27/07)
In light of Tom Daughty, The Pete Rose case should be reopened and investigated, Pete deserves the Hall of Fame, 4400+ Hits, You tell me……. More >>

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