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It’s Opportunity Time for Antique and Fine Art Collectors & Dealers (10/3/08)
My phone is continuing to ring off the hook with people desperate to sell their belongings because they need cash, … More >>

Windmill Weights as Folk Art (10/2/08)
15 inch star weight made by the U. S. Wind Engine & Pump Co. Batavia, Ill. c, 1890. is mounted on a tiger maple stand and has provenance to a Minnesota farm. ItAfter I posted yesterday’s blog about the Whirligigs sought after by collectors, I guess my mind started going back to … More >>

It’s a What? A Whirligig? (9/24/08)
Whirligig. Photo from If I told you a whirligig could bring in some big money, would you know what a whirligig is and how to spot one?  I always teach members of my antique business club that the money in this business is made in the rare. The rare and desirable will keep your money turning, and a whirligig falls into this category. More >>

Vintage Collector Watches: Small And Profitable (7/13/08)
Original condition 1966 Omega Speedmaster Professional 321 is offered for $3,499 at You have a clock on your computer, by your bedside, and even in your car, but the one on your wrist is the one that can bring a smile to your face. Wrist watches as time pieces have kept us on time for many decades and lately, their value has gone through the roof. And while you might be familiar with names like Rolex and Cartier, have you heard of Patek Phillipe? More >>

Quality in Unidentified Artists’ Paintings (7/2/08)
A Jean Faurege Paris Steet Scene sold for $5,000 at 31 Club Gallery & Marketplace Daryle Lambert’s 31 Club Blog Did you ever spot a painting but kept on walking because you couldn’t find out who the artist was? More >>

Newbies Finding Fine Art Paintings at Bargain Prices (6/24/08)
Merriman signed, Tressemanes & Vogt 13 inch vase dating from 1892 to 1907 was acquired by 31 Club Member, Vicki.Daryle Lambert’s 31 Club Blog More >>

Collector Paperweights (6/17/08)
This Baccarat Paperweight sold in 2001 on eBay for $10,566 to a private collector.“I found a wonderful art glass vase at a house sale, but I left behind some pottery and a paperweight and now it’s weighing heavy on my mind.” More >>

31 Club Newbie Strikes Again and Gets Help Purchasing Painting Through 31 Club Associates Program (6/8/08)
The Art of the Deal — Fine Art Paintings Located by 31 Club Member and Purchased Using our Associates Program. More >>

Model Car and Toy Car Collectibles (6/5/08)
As auto companies lay off employees and reduce the models they produce, and the price of gas has us wondering if that van or SUV was worth buying, we might begin to ponder where the auto industry is headed. It seems like fuel efficiency will be the priority in modern car design. More >>

So Many Plates! Are They Worth Anything (6/1/08)
Example of Saturday Evening Girls PlateSo Many Plates! Are They Worth Anything? More >>

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