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Antique Sewing Kits (4/11/08)
Antique Sewing Kit Sold on Ebay for $476 USD (231 GBP) More >>

When is the Right Time to Sell? (4/8/08)
Daryle Lambert’s 31 Club Blog Whenever you make a great buy, how much profit should you hold out for? No one can tell you the answer to that question on every purchase, but I can give you some suggestions. More >>

Networking Pays Off in Antique Show Finds (4/7/08)
Example of Roseville FallineDaryle Lambert’ 31 Club Blog: More >>

Stamps – What a Gift They Can Be (4/5/08)
1918 Inverted JennyForget about the baseball cards, I wish that I had my stamp collection back. The stamps that were given to me as a young child might have been the fortune that got away. More >>

Stoneware Jugs Can Pad Your Pockets (4/2/08)
31 Club member, Cecil, attended a very small flea market in Greenville Kentucky, when a gentleman approached him inquiring about … More >>

Treasure Under the Table in Yellow Ware (3/31/08)
There’s a new ending to Friday’s Blog about our adventure to the estate sale. I’ve always told you to dig into every corner and look into every cabinet. Well, I took my own advice. More >>

Golf Collectibles, Vintage and Antique Golf Clubs (3/16/08)
Photo: Early 1920s Cochrane’s Ltd Club sold for $11,250 at Sotheby’s from the collection of Jeffrey B. Ellis. The complete collection brought in $2,166,210 and set a record. Photo and info from More >>

Is it Time to Buy Royal Doulton Again? (3/15/08)
Today’s Photo: Royal Doulton Tiger sold for $270 at Direct Auction, Chicago More >>

Collectible Antique & Vintage Cameras (3/12/08)
Above Photo: The Daguerreotype, built in 1839 sold for 391,000 British Pounds in 2007, through the Vienna Gallery and Auction House, becoming the highest price paid for a camera. Photo from Gizmodo More >>

Daryle Lambert – I’ll Take it All (1/30/08)
Bronze Wright Brothers Medal I am author of "31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles." I write a Daily Antiques & Collectibles Blog for those interested in learning more about antiques & collectibles while also learning to use these items to grow wealth. More >>

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