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The Development of the 6536/1 Submariner, the James Bond Rolex (10/30/12)
Rolex-Submariner-65361The Rolex Submariner is one of the coolest watches ever produced by the venerable watch company, and it has a … More >>

Auction Report: Christie’s Timepieces Sale Fast & Frenetic (6/30/11)
vacheron_constantin_an_exceptional_monumental_and_historically_importa_d5454553hChristie’s sale of Important Watches, held on June 15, was like a tornado blowing through a hapless mid-western town. The … More >>

‘One of a Kind’ Watches from J.W. Packard Collection Highlights Timepieces Sale (6/8/11)
Packard LogoChristie’s upcoming Sale of Important Watches, featuring exceedingly rare watches from the collection of automobile pioneer James Ward Packard—including two … More >>

Gold, Silver Prices Endanger Future of Antique Watch Collections (3/21/11)
GoldSilver 009The gold and silver markets have been doing a steady rise for the last year or more, bringing on the … More >>

Fabulous Antique Chinese Market Watches (12/14/10)
CHINDUP1The Chinese have their own taste in things, from dress to food and just about everything in between. This includes … More >>

Collecting Sports Presentation and Commemorative Watches (9/21/10)
010 Sports collectibles is a hugely popular item for collectors of today and yesterday, and there is no sign that … More >>

1953 Timex Ben Hogan Folding Watch (9/14/10)
Hogan Watch 1Ben Hogan is a very big name in golf, preceding such iconic players as Arnold Palmer and Jack Nickolas, and … More >>

A Rack Lever Fusee Civil War Watch with a Story (5/3/10)
This medium quality English fusee pair case “contract watch” was made in Liverpool, England and shipped to Philadelphia, Pa., where it was finished by B&E Clark. It was later sold to Thomas E. Eisenbeis around 1835 and later carried by Henry Eisenbeis during his service in the Civil War.This is a medium quality English fusee pair case “contract watch” carried by a Union soldier during the Civil War. … More >>

What Makes It a ‘Civil War Watch’ vs. a ‘Civil War Relic?’ (4/5/10)
Abraham Lincoln’s watch is considered a “hands down” Civil War relic.It may seem you’d need to be very gullible to believe what many sellers put in their descriptions, namely that … More >>

U.S.M.T. Corps and the Civil War Telegraph Service Watch (3/17/10)
This watch, Waltham P.S. Bartlet made in 1864, a genuine relic of the U.S. Military Telegraph Corps and really belongs in a museum devoted to the history of communications and telegraphy. It is by pure chance that I have the great fortune and honor to own this fine watch. The U.S. Military Telegraph Corps was formed in 1861 following the outbreak of the American Civil War. David Strouse, Samuel … More >>

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