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Horology in the Movies: ‘The Hudsucker Proxy’ (12/27/09)
The giant clock at the center of "The Hudsucker Proxy."Time, horology and the looming presence of an enormous tower clock take center stage in the classic 1994 romantic comedy … More >>

Dillinger Connection Sets $41,000 Price for $150 Hamilton Watch (12/21/09)
The Art Deco Hamilton watch carried by John Dillinger when he was gunned down by the FBI outside the Biograph Theater in Chicago. It’s not often that the belongings of someone as infamous as John Dillinger come up for sale. This month Heritage … More >>

History of the Breitling Navitimer Watch is Shrouded in Mystery (11/30/09)
The history of the Breitling Navitimer watch is hard to pin down, as company records have been lost, and company lore does not match up with other facts. This all makes the Navitime an interesting watch to collect.The story of the first Navitimer is shrouded in mystery and even some controversy. Quite simply, no-one knows for certain … More >>

Collecting the Omega Speedmaster is All About the Details (9/29/09)
A Professional model Omega Speedmaster, with spearpoint second hand. The Speedmaster is one of the most challenging modern watches to collect because the number of changes made to the line over the last 50 years.I have been a collector and a dealer in watches for more than 35 years. It is said that collecting … More >>

The Origin of the COMEX Rolex ‘Sea Dweller’ Diver’s Watch (9/8/09)
Rolex "Sea Dweller"During the late 1960s, in collaboration with COMEX—a France-based professional dive company—Rolex developed its “Submariner” model to meet the most … More >>

A Primer on the Brimfield Antiques and Collectibles Shows and Assorted Events (9/1/09)
The Brimfield Antiques and Collectibles Show, and surrounding independent events, as seen from the air.I normally write an article on shows I attend after the event, when I have returned home to my trusty/rusty/crusty … More >>

Uncommon Railroad Watches: Challenging Collections to Complete (8/25/09)
A Waltham watch made for the Lehigh Valley Railroad with the railraod company logo.Railroad watches were produced in prodigious quantities by nearly all the American watch companies, starting in 1870 and running right … More >>

Antiques Show Offers Treasures for Those Who Know How to Look (8/18/09)
One of the tensts set up at last weekendThe headlines read: “Mid-Summer Blues Amidst a Depressed Marketplace!” I see it every day in the newspaper and on CNN, … More >>

The History of the Roskopf Watch (8/4/09)
An example of an 1896 Exposition watch made by Georges Frederic Roskopf .I am telling the story of Georges Fredric Roskopf not only because it is a fascinating history, but to make … More >>

Watch & Clock Collectors Descend on Grand Rapids for the ‘National’ (7/26/09)
A collection of clocks on sale at the National Watch & Clock Collectors AssociationThis year the National Watch & Clock Collectors Association (NAWCC) had its annual event/show at the prestigious Devos Convention Center, … More >>

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