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Kintsugi Techniques: A Detailed Look at the Art of Repair (10/25/13)
The finished bowlThere is a boom going on in the Japanese art of repair called kintsugi. A quick search on the Internet … More >>

The Secret Japanese Art of Kintsugi Brings Beauty to Breakage (9/13/13)
image003Break a favorite antique? Instead of throwing it out or gluing it together, there is an alternative. Kintsugi, a traditional Japanese … More >>

Good Things in Small Packages: Interview with an Expert Netsuke Collector (2/28/13)
Shishi_netsuke_by_Mitsuharu_Late_18th._centuryLos Angeles–based attorney David S. White always had a flair for collecting. Growing up in Massachusetts, he collected stamps, coins, … More >>

Developing a Collector’s Passion for Vintage Japanese Kimono (10/12/12)
Taisho era purple furisode hikizuriI recently interviewed Naomi Graham Hormozi, a textile artist/freelance designer/homemaker in the San Francisco Bay Area, about her extensive collection … More >>

Don’t Throw Out the Box: Japanese Tomobako are Certificates of Authenticity (9/26/12)
boxfitI recently sold an old, white slipped tea bowl. I was surprised when the person who bought it left feedback … More >>

A Win for the Good Guys—Tracking Down an Internet Scam Artist (9/10/12)
Cyber_CrimeThe Internet offers a wealth of opportunity to expand your reach as a seller of antiques. It also offers a … More >>

An Introduction to the Controversial World of Japanese Netsuke Signatures (8/20/12)
Doshosai signatureA signature on an antique is usually a good pointer to who made the item, as well as where and … More >>

A Little Collection: Japanese Netsuke are Small, Inexpensive and Interesting (7/30/12)
Cord_end_ball_1900One of the easiest collectables a traveler can take home is something that fits into their luggage, is light, not … More >>

A Primer on Makers’ Marks for Japanese Antiques, Art & Collectibles (7/23/12)
signed_tomobako2Signatures and marks on Japanese antiques offer the best chance to identify and place a piece in a historic timeline. … More >>

Sharpening a Collector’s Passion for Japanese Swords (7/13/12)
KuniyoshiAre you a collector or are you in an accumulating phase? I interviewed Fred Weissberg about his collection of antique … More >>

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