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Shoki Imari (11/17/08)
Shoki Imari, this foot ring was set directly on the shelf or on fire sand that was sprinkled on the shelf.The 15th. of every month the Nara Antique Dealers auction takes place in Nara. It is a 4-6 hour event that sees the auctioning of hundreds of lots. This last Saturday these Shoki Imari soba chokos passed through. As a side note, even though they are now called soba chokos, in their time they were called chokus. More >>

Japan auction watch (11/10/08)
Inro #2 detail.Here are a couple of inro that are going up for auction at the Kogirekai auction house in Kyoto on the 15th. and 16th. of this month. The first one is a two compartment inro that comes with a box. The size is 3.5cm by 1.2cm by 5cm. The minimum price is 45,000 yen. More >>

Japanese auctions. (11/9/08)
Here are a couple of netsuke that are going up for auction at the Kogirekai auction house in Kyoto on the 15th. and 16th. of this month. The first one is 4.5 cm. tall. It is described as a Chinese or Korean boy that has a toy horse. It is made from ivory. The only defect is a chip on the hat. The minimum price is 430$ More >>

Japanese auction watch. (11/8/08)
 Dog figure.These items are coming up for auction at Kogirekai in Kyoto November 15th. and 16th. The first item is a set of porcelain by Okura Japan. The set contains 10 types of items with a total of 38 pieces. 5 sets of cups and saucers among others. Minimum price is 1,200$ More >>

Auction watch (11/5/08)
Cascade Beer posterThese items are coming up for auction on November 15th. and 16th. in Kyoto. The first item is a Korean teabowl. It doesn’t look to be exceptionally old. The minimum price is 10,000 yen. It measures 15 cm by 15 cm by 7.5. More >>

Japanese auction watch (10/28/08)
33-53,41 Set of 5 cupsThis item was up for auction in March of 08 in Japan. It is a set of 5 cups from a kiln called the Akashi kiln listed at 3 inches by 3 inches by 2 inches. They don’t come with a box. The minimum price was 5,000 yen. They didn’t sell. Either someone wasn’t looking for that particular item or they were priced too high at the beginning. More >>

Yamaguchi (10/26/08)
I just got back from a three day trip to Yamaguchi in the West of Japan. From my house roughly 8 hours by car with my family. It was the first time I have been there. It is well known for the hot springs that are everywhere. I took the waters and thought of Baden Baden. More >>

Oribe tea bowl (10/18/08)
Book leaf.This is an Oribe tea bowl from the Momoyama period, 1467-1603. It doesn’t have any chips or other defects. The box says Kohori Kishinan, previously known as Somei Masanori, see I am unsure of the reading for his given name. Mr. Kohori was the 11th. head of the Enshu Ryu school of tea、see More >>

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