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How About that Medicine — Prohibition Style ! (12/4/08)
The reverse of the prescription form.The United States Prohibition period lasted from 1920 to 1933, during which the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol for … More >>

Dr. G. G. Wilkins, Pittsfield, NH Counterstamp Coin Master (11/17/08)
Closer view of the counterstampDuring the 19th century counterstamping of coinage was done as a means of advertising one’s business and also as a forerunner to the modern day shopping coupon. More >>

Alaska Quarter Missing Initials (11/6/08)
An example of the quarter should appear, with CLV initials.Some Alaskan State quarters are showing up with the designer’s initials missing. The designer, Charles Vickers, whose initials CLV are supposed to be showing in the right lower quadrant near the bear’s left paw. Others are showing “ghost images” of the initials and others exhibited just one or two initials. More >>

Dropped Letter on State Quarter (10/21/08)
Reverse of the 1988-P Jefferson nickelA 2005-P West Virginia state quarter has been found with a “dropped letter” showing as a letter “T” dropped out in the field. This is the result of the “T” of WEST being clogged with debris that was packed in so tight that when it eventually fell out of the die cavity of the “T”, like Jello from a mold, it was struck into the field of the coin leaving behind this very interesting incuse “T.” More >>

Four New Lincoln Cent Reverses Due Out Starting 2009. (10/10/08)
Designs #3 and #4, depicting LincolnFour new reverses on the Lincoln cent (penny) are scheduled to appear in circulation starting February 2009 and will gradually make new appearances throughout the calendar year, in observance of the bicentenniel of Lincoln’s birth. Each design will emulate President Lincoln’s life from childhood up through his Presidency. The composition of these coins will be 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. More >>

Re-engraving a mystery. 1938 proof nickels challenge experts (10/6/08)
Re-engraved hair ribbon at back of JeffersonThe unexplained re-engraving at the Philadelphia Mint of an obverse and reverse pair of 1938 proof Jefferson nickel dies is not unique after all. At least five different 1938 proof nickel obverse dies were enhanced by an engraver who hand carved details directly into working proof dies, and it remains to be seen if any 1938 proof nickel dies have the elusive “normal” design. More >>

The Birth of Educational Notes (9/28/08)
1896 Series Currency: More >>

Wyoming Double Dies Found (8/26/08)
A Pennsylvania coin fancier sent in three different hub doubled die varieties on the reverse of the 2007-P Wyoming state … More >>

Rare Australian Note Offered (7/29/08)
Rare Type II Commonwealth of Australia 1,000  pound note to be auctioned in Brisbane,  in September.A September 21 sale at International Galleries will feature a rare note, a Type II King George V 1,000 pound note. These notes were used in Australia in 1914, principally for inter-bank transfers. Two types of these notes have circulated, subsequently bearing two different signature combinations. More >>

Errors Found in Search of Nickels (7/25/08)
Enlarged forehead, head, and hair from the understrike on this 1996-P Jefferson nickel.Errors in some circulated nickels were found recently by a Florida coin collector. The message here is that when cherry-picking coins, not only should one look for the brilliant uncirculated but also for errors. These errors happen to be in Jefferson nickels, which are his pendchant, and fortunately for him. One good find was a 1996-P Jefferson nickel which was struck twice. More >>

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