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Emaus Asociación Civil in Argentina (4/24/08)
The Emaus Asociación Civil functions the Argentine equivalent of the Salvation Army or Goodwill. It accepts donations for sale and uses the proceeds to profit various national social programs. The Emaus store location in Buenos Aires is conveniently located in the antiques district of San Telmo. More >>

Gil Antiguedades (4/12/08)
Gil Antiguedades is a unique antique shop specializing in vintage clothing, textiles, and old-fashioned design and home accessories. A standout among other such shops in the main antiques district of Buenos Aires, Gil has been supplying loyal locals and interested foreigners with the finest vintage items from the 17th to the 20th centuries for nearly 40 years. More >>

Plazoleta Santa Fe Feria de Libros (4/11/08)
The Plazoleta Santa Fe Feria de Libros is an open-air, block-long used book fair that runs year-round, rain or shine, where the bookish bargain hunter can spend hours browsing through an interesting mix of titles. More >>

Museo Histórico Nacional (3/28/08)
The Argentine Museo Histórico Nacional (National Museum of History) is committed to documenting and preserving artifacts from major events in the history of the country, from the arrival of the Europeans to Argentina’s independence from Spain to the formation of the first national governing body. More >>

Walrus Books (3/21/08)
Walrus Books is the only English-language used bookstore in Buenos Aires, and stocks an impressive collection of classic English literature, travel guides, and vintage magazines, making it a target for both used-book collectors and those just looking to buy a good English read. More >>

Artists’ Atelier Tour (3/21/08)
The Artists’ Atelier Tour is an exclusive art studio tour in Buenos Aires, designed with the art collector in mind. More >>

Khori Wasi Arte y Artesanías Latinoamericanos (3/6/08)
Khori Wasi Arte y Artesanías Latinoamericanos is a gallery-style store with beautiful collections of contemporary and antique art and furniture collected from various parts of South America. More >>

Pasaje la Defensa (2/29/08)
Stepping through the entrance of the quiet arcade-style Pasaje La Defensa is like stepping a hundred years back into history. Once a grand bi-level estate of the influential Ezeiza family, the mansion is now a crumbling, though still stately, grid work of rooms, passageways, staircases, and courtyards, housing a gallery of antiques and curiosity shops. More >>

Roldán Subastas de Arte – Auction House (2/27/08)
Ripamonte, 1933Roldán is a fine arts and antiques auction house located in the most exclusive art gallery district of Buenos Aires. More >>