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Eric Brantner

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Sports Collectibles News March 2-6 (2/25/09)
Tiger Woods autographed victory photoThe past few weeks have been busy for the world of sports and sports collectibles. To make sure you’re in … More >>

Market for A-Rod Collectibles Shrinks (2/23/09)
Alex Rodriguez, Yankees third baseman Steroids impacting the world of sports collectibles is nothing new. Just look at the lack of demand for (and value … More >>

NBA All-Star Collectible Slam Dunks (2/6/09)
On Feb. 15, the greatest players in basketball will come together in Phoenix for a display of slam dunks, alley-oops … More >>

Big Ben or Kurt: Who Wins Collectibles Bowl? (1/30/09)
If six months ago you predicted Arizona Cardinals would be facing the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl, raise your … More >>

Super Super-Bowl Collectibles (1/27/09)
By Eric Brantner Move over Christmas. You, too, Thanksgiving. There’s a new holiday that brings families and friends closer together than … More >>

Collecting Winning Football Coaches (1/6/09)
There’s always talk and hype about great football players and their collectibles. Not so much about the sport’s great coaches. … More >>

Score TDs with QBs’ Memorabilia (12/23/08)
Throughout its illustrious history, the NFL has brought fans some exciting superstar quarterbacks. I’ve already devoted articles to a few … More >>

Sports Dealers: Turn Maelstrom to Money (12/15/08)
It seems you can’t go five minutes without hearing the doom-and-gloom talk about our economy. Companies are going out of … More >>

Young NBA Stars: Collectors’ Slam Dunk (11/22/08)
If you’re into sports collectibles, you know how important it is to find the next big thing. More >>

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