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Honus Wagner Reached Baseball’s Peak, His Collectibles Card Soars Even Higher (7/20/08)
I don’t know how I have maintained a baseball-card blog for the last few months without talking about what is largely considered to be the Holy Grail of antique-card collecting—the T206 Honus Wagner card. It is one of the rarest baseball cards in history, and it depicts one of the greatest players of the dead-ball era. More >>

Three Players Whose Collectibles Are Benefiting from Their Hot Starts (7/20/08)
Every year, the first half of the baseball season showcases some amazing starts from a few players. Newspapers, sports talk radio and the Internet become inundated with conversation about the player and speculation as to whether he can continue the historic pace he has set. Statisticians try to project his first half numbers over an entire season to see if he will break any records. More >>

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