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Color a Big Price Consideration with Fishing Lures (10/6/08)
Some of the fantastic colors and varities of Creek Chub BaitsColor a Big Price Consideration with Fishing Lures By Steve Ellis More >>

What Reel Do We Use with that Bamboo Rod? (9/15/08)
The frame from the Hardy  Featherweight.In a previous article. I talked about fishing with bamboo fly rods and I explained a little about length versus value. Now, with that in mind, I want to talk about some reels that would be appropriate. More >>

Fly Fishing with Grass (9/4/08)
Bamboo (or cane), a grass, was the material of choice used in the construction of fishing rods from the third quarter of the 19th Century to the middle of the 20th Century until the introduction of fiberglass. More >>

The Nationals (9/4/08)
More room trading treasuresLike many of you, I belong to a collecting club or organization and like most, mine offers rewards like publications and events that culminate in the yearly grand event,“The Nationals.” More >>

Live Internet Auctions– A New Way To Attend Events (6/5/08)
Live auctions on the InternetLive auctions via the Internet are an interesting phenomena for me, and I think that this procedure opens the door for improving sales at all auctions. Yes, there are auctions that are a must to attend, but the real world sometimes gets in the way which makes attending nearly impossible. So Internet auctions can help me take part in some important events that don’t fit my schedule. More >>

It’s The Condition! Grading Collectible Fishing Lures (5/20/08)
Grade: EX/EX+ The light spots are from the camera. 1. Most everybody wants perfection, but few have the bucks to pursue it. 2. There are grading guides for almost anything a person collects. 3. Things change and with it so does desirability and demand. More >>