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Rough Stuff No. 1 – An Introduction to Sandpaper (8/24/10)
sandingLet’s assume that you have already been through the soul-searching exercise about removing patina and destroying the value of an … More >>

Don’t Get the Wrong Impression – Confusing Furniture Terms (8/16/10)
Pediment I recently attended an auction where one of the items in the catalog was a Chippendale style, Colonial Revival … More >>

Determining the Value of Antique Furniture: Using the Five ‘F’ Words (7/14/10)
This Federal era work table circa 1810-1820 has a couple of hardware problems. The top left drawer pull is upside down. The escutcheon on the top drawer is from a much later period, after mid century. Federal tables normally only have key surrounds, not escutcheons.One of the most important determinants of value in an older piece of furniture, naturally, is the “condition,” which is … More >>

Mersman Tables: They’re Everywhere! (7/5/10)
A Mersman Colonial Revival “surf board” lamp table features a lyre base popular in the Federal and Empire period of the early 19th century. (Courtesy Swedberg, “Furniture of the Depression Era,” Collector Books) Any antique shop that has more than three pieces of Colonial Revival furniture is almost certain to have a … More >>

The Piano – The Ultimate Functional Art (6/21/10)
The serial number of this piano is stamped into the soundboard and surrounded by the cast plate. It belongs to a Krakauer Brothers mahogany console made in 1946 using new post war plastic technology in the action.Furniture is sometimes referred to as “functional art.” In the case of the piano, perhaps it should be called “functional … More >>

Flights of Fancy – Imaginary Furniture Names (6/8/10)
This style of drop front desk is commonly, and erroneously, called a Gov. Winthrop desk.  A quick reading of selected world history reveals a number of events or artifacts that are identified with a … More >>

The Real Hitchcock Chair: How to Tell Originals from Reproductions (5/17/10)
The top image shows a correct period Hitchcock stencil from the 1820s. The lower image with the backward “N’s” is reproduction made since 1952.Everyone knows what a Hitchcock chair is, right? The small, rickety chairs with the rush or cane seats, usually painted … More >>

The Stick Chair – Introduction to the Windsor (5/10/10)
This fan back Windsor arm chair has another section rising above the crest rail called a “comb.”One type of chair that everyone is familiar with is the ever present Windsor chair. But why are there so … More >>

The Press Back – The Art of Chair Decoration without Carving (4/19/10)
The “face chair” movement was a prime beneficiary of the press back technology, which allowed for the quick and inexpensive production of a chair with what looked like hand-carved decorations.The carving of 17th-century “Sunflower” chests explains a lot about the ins and outs of New England Colonial carving of … More >>

Furniture Labels: Telling the Makers, Retailers and Associations Apart (4/13/10)
This metal emblem was used by members of the Grand Rapids Furniture Makers Guild, beginning in 1931, to certify each individual piece of furniture by number as having been made by a Guild member.Furniture making in America in the 19th century ranged from the small shop, like that of Duncan Phyfe in downtown … More >>

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