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Old World Restorations Uncovers Unknown Duncanson Landscape Worth $300,000 (11/17/09)
This is the restored Robert Scott Duncanson landscape with the original colors intact.    CINCINNATI – The dingy dirty canvas showed up at Doug Eisele’s Old World Restorations in Cincinnati in March 2009. The … More >>

Recording the Treasure: Photographing Your Antique Furniture (11/16/09)
The straight on shot doesn’t ell you much about this English Regency tea poy.If you really enjoy researching, discovering and acquiring pieces of older and antique furniture, not to mention repairing, restoring and … More >>

Wood Shrinkage in Antique Furniture is to be Expected (10/26/09)
In this photo the solid wood underlayment has shrunk under the veneer of the skirt of this Federal era fold over game table telegraphing the damage to the surface.The next time you visit a genuine antique furniture shop, pay particular attention to the concept of wood shrinkage. When … More >>

Everyman’s Desk – The History of the Larkin Desk (10/13/09)
This is the famous “Chautauqua” desk first offered by Larkin in the 1901 catalog for six certificates or as a premium for buying a $10 Combination Case of Larkin Soap products. Variations of this desk were offered into the early 1920s.The term “Larkin Desk” is a familiar one to most collectors and buyers of older and antique furniture, especially to … More >>

Regular Maintenance for Antique Furniture – a List of ‘Don’t Do’s’ (10/7/09)
If left in place long enough, this table runner and center piece will protect the color of the table while the exposed sections fade around it. The table should be covered in the long term uniformly.I hope that you caught my suggestions last time on the “common sense little stuff” that you SHOULD do to … More >>

Regular Maintenance for Antique Furniture – a List of ‘Should Do’s’ (9/22/09)
Custom made table pads have a heat resistant core, a soft “meet the furniture” side and a waterproof upper crust.Over the last 30 years of repairing and restoring antique and collectible furniture, many questions have come from my customers … More >>

Antique Furniture Marriage Proposal: How to Tell if Different Pieces Have Been Wed (9/15/09)
This contraption of a kitchen work table is the top two drawer section of an Empire-period chest, legs from who knows what, and a walnut top that has been made to fit. This is more than 	just a marriage! Tall bookcase secretaries are very impressive, not to mention expensive, especially if they are old and in great condition. The … More >>

Taking a Peek at Antique Furniture Keyhole Accessories (8/25/09)
The circular wooden escutcheons on these keyholes are from the Renaissance Revival period of the 1870s/1880. Then top half of the upper escutcheon is broken off.When you examine almost any older or antique piece of furniture which has doors, drawers, a drop front, a tambour … More >>

20th Century Casters – More Rust than Roll (8/13/09)
This assortment of 20th-century casters present more problems than solutions for most homeowners.One of the mysteries of the universe to me is “Why do so many 20th century pieces of furniture have … More >>

Provenance Adds to the Value of Antique Furniture (8/5/09)
The signature on this drawer bottom is a good start to establishing a provenance for the piece. But is the signature that of the cabinetmaker, the owner or a hopeful heir? That’s where the fun begins.With the large number of antiques and collectibles appraisal shows on television and the increasing number of similar sites available … More >>

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