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The People Who Inspired the Names of Antique Furniture Pieces (7/14/09)
This is a folding cabinet bed, not a Murphy bed.In our modern culture, which embraces a slipshod approach to the English language, we have a habit of taking proper … More >>

Antique Furniture Tags: What They Say and What They Should Say (7/8/09)
The tag says “Solid mahogany chest…” Open up the first drawer and take a look at the joinery. The fact that the drawer is veneered is indicated by the light colored line at the rear of the dovetail. That is the fifth layer of veneer in the lumber plywood drawer front.One of my favorite pastimes of course is antiquing; looking at and for antique furniture. One of my second favorites … More >>

American Antique Furniture Styles: Who Do They Really Belong To? (6/22/09)
This William & Mary highboy shows the verticality of the new form in the late 17th century.We are a nation of immigrants, no discussion. Some of us have been here longer than others, and some can … More >>

Restoring the ‘Rock’ in Antique Platform Rockers (6/16/09)
A Lowentraut rocker, featuring a springless rocker mechanism designed by George F. Hall. This kind of rocker produced a flatter arc and was ideal for nursing and general recuperation, as well as being plain old comfortable in its motion. As a nation, we Americans are particularly devoted to a number of artifacts and icons from our past. On the … More >>

Dirty Old Furniture Finish: Is It Seattle ‘Grunge’ or Is It Patina? (5/26/09)
The crackled old shellac finish on this early 19th-century drawer is certainly original and probably qualifies as “patina,” but is it desirable?A few years ago I had an elderly lady walk into my antique furniture restoration shop with an unusual request. … More >>

Pop Quiz: What Do You Know About Veneer? (5/11/09)
One sure sign of the presence of is the repeated, matching pattern seen on the front of this Colonial Revival sideboard. It is almost impossible to create this pattern using solid wood. Which of the following is true and which is false? 1. The presence of veneer on a piece of furniture indicates … More >>

Cleaning Your Brass Furniture Hardware (5/4/09)
You should remove your brass hardware, such as these antique brass drawer pulls, before cleaning. Most traditional furniture hardware is brass or brass looking, but that covers a multitude of sins. Brass is an alloy … More >>

Oops, Don’t Break the Antique Glass (4/4/09)
When this happens to an antique with curved glass, it can it be costly to replace and dangerous.Editor’s Note: Ahh, the beauty of old glass in antiques. Let Fred Taylor guide you on how to refurbish pieces … More >>

Antique Art Furniture: The Aesthetic Movement (3/23/09)
The desk on the left illustrates the Oriental approach. It is ebonized with gold incising. The desk on the right, in a wood finish, is the Moorish approach to the style with geometric fretwork. Both desks are based on Eastlake’s design principles. Furniture is sometimes described as being “functional art.” The functioning part is generally obvious. The table has to stand up … More >>

Make Your Antiques Furniture Work for You (3/11/09)
This is a nicely made 1920s era Victrola cabinet.Owning an antique, whether it be a piece of jewelry, a vintage automobile or a dining table from the early … More >>

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