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Furniture’s Bum Rap: Mr. Eastlake was Innocent (11/7/13)
Eastlake secyAccording to some older and antique furniture dealers and collectors, there is one style from the 19th century that stands … More >>

Creative Solutions to Furniture Problems: Use What’s Available (10/7/13)
Cedar oilIn a fit of Spring cleaning, never mind what time of year it was, my wife decided to clean out … More >>

Is It a Set? Does It Matter? Harlequin Furniture Sets or Suites an Accepted Practice (9/30/13)
JacobeanThat’s a great set of dining room chairs you bought at auction. Sounds like you got a real good deal … More >>

The Cedar Chest: Hope, Glory and Bottom Drawer (9/6/13)
ER chestAny search for information about the family heirloom we call a “cedar chest” will eventually lead you back to the … More >>

Mud on a Supermodel: The Inappropriate Hardware Detracts from Fine Furniture (9/4/13)
OPutting lipstick on a pig usually doesn’t make much difference in how we view the pig but the opposite application … More >>

Traditional Furniture Dimensions: Will It Fit in Today’s Life? (8/24/13)
MeeksAssume for a minute that you have found an interesting piece of older or antique furniture that looks like it … More >>

Illuminating Antique Furniture: Let There Be Light… with Caution (8/15/13)
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave you ever stopped to think how important light is to your antique furniture? A good place to start is … More >>

The Leaf Problem: Where to Put Table Extensions (7/22/13)
D endExtension dining tables were a great invention. Going from slabs of boards laid across trestles to a fixed table that … More >>

What’s Under Your Seat? A Short History of Cushioning (7/11/13)
SpringsHas that old couch gotten a little shaky? Sinking in spots? Maybe that old chair has gotten lumpy and the … More >>

And Now for the Bad News: When Your Family Heirloom Isn’t a Treasure (7/8/13)
Stickley Quaint AmericanLife is full of little disappointments, especially these days. One of the ways that disappointment shows itself is when I … More >>

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