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The Many Origins of the Ubiquitous Coffee Table (6/14/13)
RenaissanceI know you have one. You probably have two or more. And you’re pretty sure at least one of them … More >>

All Covered Up: The Art and Lexicon of Upholstery (6/5/13)
Toe to toeWhile in my shop one day, I had a phone call from an obviously agitated man. Actually it happened more … More >>

A Chair by Any Other Name: How Some Sitters Got Their Monikers (5/31/13)
Savonarola chairThere are at least three categories of furniture that are so important to us in our daily activities that they … More >>

Furniture Style and Form: What’s Wrong With a ‘Period’ Coffee Table? (5/1/13)
RococoIn the world of antique furniture, the word “period” has a very specific meaning. To say that something is period … More >>

Here To Help: Furniture Advice From the Past (4/5/13)
1931If you are a collector or dealer of Depression-era furniture, or if you simply inherited a houseful of it and … More >>

20th Century Furniture Marketing: Small Deceptions a Matter of Style (3/27/13)
Phyfe tableWe all know that, when it comes to advertisement or promotion, not everything we are told is always exactly correct … More >>

The “American” Legend of the Rocking Chair (3/11/13)
Rocker15As Americans, we have a lot to be proud about in the field of furniture. We perfected the English idea … More >>

Desk? What Kind of Desk? One Must Be More Specific (2/19/13)
VarguenoA reader recently wrote me saying she had a desk that belonged to her grandfather that was more than 100 … More >>

Treasure Salvage: On The Way To The Dump (2/11/13)
SalvageIn today’s market, it’s not unusual to read about an auction in which jewelry is sold for the scrap value … More >>

A Furniture Inventory: How Many Chairs Do You Have in Your Home? (1/31/13)
ChairsMany years ago when my daughter was in elementary school, her teacher gave the class an assignment count the pieces … More >>

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