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Hand-Carved American Furniture that Never Came Close to a Chisel (1/25/13)
Press backIn furniture making and design, it always seems preferable that flat, plain panels of unadorned wood be largely avoided wherever … More >>

Online Promises: You Believe Those Internet Articles, Don’t You? (1/4/13)
Paine tableIf you use the Internet to find information, like I do, you already know it can be a great resource. … More >>

The Purpose of Nails and Screws in Furniture is an Attachment Assignment (12/28/12)
NailsIt often can be heard when someone is describing an older or antique piece of furniture that it has “not … More >>

Finding the Right Furniture Guy: A List of What Not To Do (11/20/12)
DoneLast time I gave an outline on how to go about finding the right “furniture guy” to perform restoration services … More >>

Finding the Right Furniture Guy: A List of Helpful Hints (11/7/12)
shopshotHow many times have you been asked “Do you know a good ….?” You can fill in the blank—electrician, carpenter, … More >>

Famous Furniture Names: Alas, We Knew Them Well… Or Maybe Not (10/16/12)
Stickley DeskIn the older and antique furniture business, there are names that recur time and time again. Some are the names … More >>

The Popular Slant-Front Desk Takes a Break for a Century (10/3/12)
Slant front deskIt is variously called a fall front, a drop front, a slant front, slant top, drop lid, Governor Winthrop and … More >>

The Formation of the Heywood-Wakefield Company was a Long Time Coming (9/18/12)
HB&CoOne of the best known names in American furniture of the 20th century is the venerable firm of Heywood-Wakefield of … More >>

Is It Quarter Sawn or Tiger Eye? Yes, It Is (9/4/12)
Oak table topI frequently field questions from readers about what kind of wood a piece of older or antique furniture is made … More >>

A Necessary Chemistry Lesson Regarding Non-Toxic Furniture Finishes (8/20/12)
MahoganyTableA good background education is an important tool in many areas of life, even in antique furniture. I consider my … More >>

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