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The Red Fakes: Not all that is Red is Mahogany (3/6/12)
China cabinetWhen you glance at a piece of furniture for the very first time, one of the first things you notice … More >>

Furniture Care: Check the Oil … at the Door (2/13/12)
polishingIn the late 1980s, the Journal of the American Institute for Conservation published an article about the contents of historical … More >>

Grand Rapids Furniture: Is it Always Grand? (2/1/12)
GRMCommon wisdom in the furniture trade says that anything made in Grand Rapids is “good stuff.” Is that true? Perhaps, … More >>

Great Depression Legacy: Enduring Furniture & Terms Still in Use Today (1/16/12)
Cocktail tableMost Americans alive today did not live through the Great Depression of the late 1920s and 1930s, and for that … More >>

Golden Oak: America’s Golden Age of Furniture (1/3/12)
EnglishAmerica has had several periods that might be called the “Golden Age” where furniture was concerned. The 18th century saw … More >>

The Stranger Below: Silent Chairs and How to Get Them to Open Up (12/20/11)
antique chairSome pieces of furniture are like an open book. A casual familiarity with the trade allows you to readily identify … More >>

That’s My Story – Shaky Family Histories no Guarantee of Provenance (12/12/11)
China cabinetThe life story of an antique—where it’s been, who owned it and how it came to be where it is—is … More >>

Passing the Smell Test – Telling Good Advice from the Bad (11/14/11)
Joint fixNeed some advice about furniture? Want to know how to repair that chair or fix that ugly spot on the … More >>

Good Reproductions: Baker Furniture Solves the Colonial Revival Riddle (10/31/11)
Empire chairAfter the American Revolution ended in 1783, the fledgling country struggled to establish its new identity in a number of … More >>

Murphy’s Law: Not All That Folds is a Murphy (10/17/11)
Chifferobe bedFurniture can be quite cumbersome, especially in small quarters. Or even in big ones. In medieval times, the great room … More >>

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