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Victorian Specialty Furniture: Wait in the Hall (10/3/11)
Hall standThe 19th century in the United States started out as period of major political strife with little attention to the … More >>

Detecting Furniture’s Cheap Tricks & Fake Finishes (9/19/11)
Printed oakThroughout most of the history of wooden furniture, there have been many attempts to disguise the true nature of the … More >>

Organic Threats Present Dangers to Your Furniture (9/6/11)
powder post beetleThere are lots of things in the world that are good for your older and antique furniture—controlled temperature and humidity, … More >>

Furniture Made to Fit the Social Function (8/22/11)
021I have mentioned many times that one definition of furniture is “functional art.” Furniture is almost an absolute requirement in … More >>

The Furniture Detective: Old Brass – Or Is It? (8/10/11)
Drawer pullWhen you read the catalog for an auction that will be presenting some genuine antique furniture, it’s always interesting to … More >>

Wicker Furniture: A Process, Not a Material (7/25/11)
1880Everybody knows what wicker is. Right? It’s that woven stuff that’s painted white. It may even be that stuff used … More >>

‘Novelty’ Furniture Helped American Manufacturing Survive the Great Depression (7/11/11)
Cushman smokerHave you ever picked up a book about American 20th-century furniture and marveled at the number of seemingly “non-furniture” items … More >>

Coming Too Soon? – 20th Century Antiques (6/20/11)
B&G buffet  The definition of an antique, like many other definitions we have long been comfortable with, has been under pressure for … More >>

Wet Worry – Dealing with Water Damage (6/6/11)
Out of waterIn this year of what seems to be extraordinary adverse weather events with tornadoes and flooding, and with more flooding … More >>

Second City Furniture: Good Stuff From Chicago (5/10/11)
TonkChicago is frequently referred to as America’s “Second City,” although most Chicago residents probably don’t feel that way. But where … More >>

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