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Travis Ishikawa—Who?—Collectibles Skyrocket in Value, Availability after Heroic Homer (10/17/14)
The value and availability of sports collectibles and memorabilia related to San Francisco Giants player Travis Ishikawa have taken off after he hit a game-winning home run to win the National League Championship series and propel the Giants into their third World Series in the last five years.Well, that didn’t take long. Travis Ishikawa, a 31-year-old journeyman baseball player for the San Francisco Giants who considered retiring earlier … More >>

Saved from Scrapheap of History, Manhattan Project Workshop Window Up for Auction (9/24/14)
This viewing window from the Manhattan Project’s Hanford Site in Southern Oregon, used during the production of plutonium for the atomic bomb known as Fat Man, is expected to sell for between $150,000 and $250,000 in the Bonhams History of Science sale on Oct. 22.We often hear of someone or something ending up on the scrapheap of history. On Oct. 22, a piece of … More >>

‘Thrift Hunters’ Crisscross the Country Looking for Deals as Season Two Premiers Oct. 11 (9/23/14)
“Thrift Hunters,” starring Jason T. Smith (left) and Bryan Goodman, returns to television on Saturday nights as the second season will premiere on Oct. 11 on Spike TV. The boys will be hitting huge thrift stores, small second-hand shops and antique malls in large cities and small towns, and they want you to know that there is good thrifting and surprising finds to be found everywhereBryan Goodman and Jason T. Smith will be crisscrossing the country as “Thrift Hunters” returns for its second season—premiering on … More >>

Cari Cucksey’s New Line of RePurpose Paint and Stain Designed with the DIYer in Mind (9/16/14)
Do you have an old dresser that needs a new lease on life but you’ve never picked up a paintbrush in your life? Novice DIYer can turn out great refinishing jobs with Cari Cuckey’s new RePurpose line of paints and stains.When looking at a piece of old furniture—something that could be called antique, based on its age, but could also … More >>

Superman Comic Book Smashes Sales Record by more than $1 Million on eBay (8/25/14)
This copy of Action Comics #1—graded in 9.0 condition with white pages—set a world record for comic book prices, selling for $3,207,752 on eBay in an auction that ended Sunday evening. As expected, the final 10 minutes of the eBay auction selling the highest-rated Action Comics #1—the first appearance of Superman—were as exciting … More >>

Hallowed Relics of the Gridiron on Display at New College Football Hall of Fame (8/19/14)
Red GrangeIn just a couple of weeks, large portions of the country will joyously shout out many of the following phrases, … More >>

Bidding for Superman Premier Comic Soaring in eBay Auction (8/19/14)
This copy of Action Comics #1 in 9.0 condition up for auction on eBay is currently at $1,950 million, indicating it will be the most expensive comic ever sold when the hammer comes down on Aug. 24. The current record for a comic book selling at auction is $2.16 million.With five days left on the eBay auction selling one of the best-preserved examples of Action Comics #1—the first appearance … More >>

Be Careful about Whose Advice You take when Holding a Yard Sale (7/31/14)
signI recently read a headline of an Internet article highlighting: “11 Things No One Will Buy At Your Yard Sale.” … More >>

Sword and Staff from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Film to be sold at Bonhams (7/30/14)
The staff belonging to the wizard Saruman the White and the sword wielded by Aragorn, Ranger of the North, in “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” will be up for sale as part of the “There’s No Place Like Hollywood” auction of classic movie memorabilia this November. In news that will have fans of Middle Earth all a-twitter from Mordor to the Shire, two of the most … More >>

Sam’s Piano from ‘Casablanca’ to Cross the Block this Autumn (7/23/14)
Humphrey Bogart’s Rick Blaine stands by as Sam plays the piano in Rick’s Café American in the Hollywood classic “Casablanca.” That piano, one of the most famous in movie history, will be up for auction this November at Bonhams in the “No Place like Hollywood” auction.One of the most iconic props from Hollywood’s heyday—Sam’s piano from Rick’s Café American in the movie “Casablanca”—will be going … More >>

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