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Expert Appraisers Miss ‘Great Find’ Hiding in Plain Sight (8/10/09)
Will Seippel, the founder, CEO and president of WorthPoint, recently discovered a pair of these 18th-century Sevres end pieces at an estate sale after many people passed them over, including a pair of expert appraisers, who tagged them at $125 each. Their true value is much, much more.Just as the everyday collector hopes to come across a Great Find—an item bypassed by many, purchased for a pittance … More >>

Big Finds & Cool Things (4/16/09)
If you’ve scoured auctions, estate sales, antique shops, and even flea markets searching for the elusive “Big Find” that, as … More >>

WorthPoint Launches Affiliate & Referral Program (12/19/08)
Looking for a way to pay off some of your holiday bills? Take a look at WorthPoint’s new affiliate and … More >>

X-Files Collectibles (12/11/08)
X-Files” comics and trade paperbacks.X-Files Collectibles: The Truth Is Right Here By Kevin Cook With the recent release of “The X-Files: I Want To Believe” theatrical movie on DVD, there is renewed interest in the groundbreaking sci-fi series that ran for nine phenomenally popular seasons (1993-2002) on the Fox network and spawned a vast menagerie of cool collectibles. More >>

A Time for Opera (12/11/08)
A side view of the works of a Patti clock.A Time for Opera By Mark Peers Welch, Spring & Co.’s Patti Series Clocks were named after opera singers and are called Patti clocks by collectors today. The three most popular Patti clocks today’s collectors seek are: the Patti V.P.; the Gerster V.P.; and the Cary V.P. More >>

Goodbye Mr. Science Fiction (12/11/08)
Photographs from the movie “Gorilla at Large,” starring Anne Bancroft and the gorilla. The inscription, “Oh Forry, you tickle so,” was written in Forry’s (Forrest J. Ackerman) own hand.Goodbye Mr. Science Fiction, Dr. Acula and the Sci-Fi Man By Allan Maurer Way back in 1957, at the advanced age of 10, I bought a 35-cent magazine at a small town drugstore’s magazine rack called Famous Monsters of Filmland, the second issue, edited by Forrest J. Ackerman, who died Dec. 4, 2008. That magazine changed my life in more ways than one. More >>

Lladró Conducts Historic Auction (12/8/08)
Editor’s Note: Lladró porcelain sculptures are prized and coveted collectibles. Fourteen exquisite pieces are being offered in an online auction. More >>

Collecting Baseball Cards and the 1948 Leaf Set (12/8/08)
The back of the Jackie Robinson card from the 1948 Leaf Set.Collecting Baseball Cards and the 1948 Leaf Set By Ed Kushner More >>

Fans Go Batty for Lousiville Slugger Museum (10/28/08)
big bat Editor’s Note: Some of the most sought-after collectibles are sports related. And near the top of that list are Louisville Sluggers. Here is a look at a museum dedicated to the official bat of Major League Baseball. More >>

Campaign Buttons Predict Winners (10/27/08)
What we collect says a lot about ourselves as a nation. Our collectibles tell us a lot about where we’ve been. And sometimes, what we collect can be an indicator of where we are going. A case in point is political-campaign buttons. More >>

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