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Rinker on Collectibles: Maintaining a Sense of Wonder – Part II (12/7/10)
Colt Third Model Dragoon Percussion RevolverIn Part I of this Rinker on Collectibles mini-series, I introduced readers to the concept of wonder as it relates … More >>

Rinker on Collectibles: Maintaining a Sense of Wonder – Part I (11/30/10)
Harry RinkerWhen I finished my undergraduate degree at Lehigh University in January 1963, I immediately began graduate studies at the University … More >>

Q & A with Harry Rinker: Fire Hydrant Bank full of Silver Coins (11/30/10)
Harry RinkerQUESTION: I own a bank in the shape of a fire hydrant. My Uncle Pete, who was a volunteer at … More >>

Q & A with Harry Rinker: He-Man Poster, Micro Altimeter, L. Jambor Print (11/16/10)
Harry RinkerQUESTION: I have a 32-inch-by-23-inch Masters of the Universe poster. Two notations on the bottom read: “Mattel 1984 Hawthorne, Ca.” … More >>

Rinker on Collectibles Another Grand Adventure (11/8/10)
Harry RinkerLife is an adventure. Mine certainly is. It will be until I die. Even then, who knows? While most people … More >>

Q & A with Harry Rinker: Lauffer Silver, Leon Redbone-Signed Concert Poster, Farberware (11/2/10)
Harry RinkerQUESTION: My wife inherited a set of stainless steel flatware from her grandmother. The service includes eight dinner forks, eight … More >>

Rinker on Collectibles: Who Makes the Market? (10/27/10)
Harry RinkerRich O’Neill e-mailed: “I am 62. I have attended real auto auctions as a buyer for more than 30 years … More >>

Q & A with Harry Rinker: Musical Compact, Commemorative Token, Mercury Glass Bird (10/19/10)
Harry RinkerQUESTION: My mother-in-law gave me a rectangular compact with a surface mirror when she returned from a trip to Japan … More >>

When Is a Good Time to Jump Into the Market? (10/12/10)
Harry RinkerJim McMahon’s e-mail reads: “My question is about colleting cap guns. I have noticed a decline in prices on eBay. … More >>

Q & A with Harry Rinker, Books Edition: Jerry Garcia, Franklin Library & ‘Webster’s’ Dictionary (10/5/10)
Harry RinkerQUESTION: I have a copy of “Garcia.” The book’s cover, folio pages and back feature pictures of Garcia’s head and … More >>

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