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Collecting for Collecting Sake: Confessions of a Collector-Turned-Accumulator (10/26/09)
Harry RinkerAccumulator and collector are not synonymous. While there are some similarities, the differences far outweigh them. The accumulator and collector are … More >>

Q & A with Harry Rinker: Marian Yu Dolls, Scrappy & Margy Toy, Realistic Stereo Camera (10/19/09)
Harry RinkerQUESTION: I have two signed and numbered dolls designed by Marion Yu. The boy doll is #846 and the … More >>

The Floundering of Antiques Shows: Eight Ways to Bring Customers Back (10/13/09)
Harry RinkerAn Ohio reader’s e-mail begins: “As a soon to be 30-year dealer, I want to weigh in on (the issue … More >>

Q & A with Harry Rinker: WWII Puzzle & Poster, Star Wars Toys, Cowboy Costume (10/6/09)
Harry RinkerQUESTION: As a collector of WWII aviation items, I came across a “Fighters for Victory” picture puzzle in its … More >>

Harry Rinker’s Hypothetical New Book: Not Appropriate for ‘The Big House’ (9/28/09)
Harry RinkerI am addicted to the cable channel Turner Classic Movies (TCM), much to the chagrin of my wife Linda who … More >>

Q & A with Harry Rinker: Marwal Bull, Reed and Barton Bells, Heisey Syrup Pitcher (9/23/09)
Harry RinkerQUESTION: I own a large plaster of Paris sculpture of a bull that is painted dark brown. An impressed … More >>

New Lessons: The Impact of the 2008-09 Economic Crisis on Collectors (9/14/09)
harry-rinker1When did the 21st century officially begin—January 1, 2000 or January 1, 2001? The great debate of 10 years ago … More >>

Q & A with Harry Rinker: Mickey Rooney’s One-Man Band Toy, Pitcher and Basin (9/2/09)
harry-rinkerQUESTION: I own a Mickey Rooney’s One Man Band toy that is near mint in its period box. The … More >>

Great American Antiquefest! Shows there is Hope for the Antiques & Collectibles Market (8/31/09)
Looking at the line of shoppers heading to the Great American Antiquefest!, things might be looking up for the antiques and collectibles market.In late July I conducted an appraisal clinic at the Great American Antiquefest!, managed by Steve and July Allman ( … More >>

Q & A with Harry Rinker: Royal Winton, Baffle Ball, Blenko Vase (8/18/09)
harry-rinker2QUESTION: I inherited a luncheon set consisting of six plates, six cups and saucers, teapot, creamer, and sugar, in … More >>

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