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The Computer: Friend or Foe for Antiques Enthusiasts (6/30/09)
harry-rinker4I have lived through two information revolutions in the antiques and collectibles field. The first occurred in the late 1970s … More >>

Q & A with Harry Rinker: Art Books, Beatles Bazooka Wrapper, Esther Hunt Bust (6/26/09)
harry-rinker3QUESTION: I want to sell old (1960 and older) hardcover art books. They are in very good condition and still … More >>

Rinker on Collectibles: What Does Bankruptcy Mean To Collectors? (6/23/09)
harry-rinker2The early January 2009 announcement that Waterford Wedgwood PLC is entering receivership, the British form of bankruptcy, is the latest … More >>

Q & A with Harry Rinker: Tin Soldiers, M1 Helmet, Semaphore Light, ‘Family Circle’ (6/17/09)
harry-rinker1QUESTION: I have five lead figures that my mother acquired from her grandfather when living in Macedonia around 1950. Her … More >>

What Will The Next Generation Collect? (6/8/09)
harry-rinkerIt is time once again to peer into my crystal ball; at least it would be if I owned a … More >>

Harry Rinker Discusses Ephemera (6/1/09)
picture-croppedIn this edition of Ask Harry Rinker on WorthPoint, Harry talks with Mary Brenneman about all the joys of collecting ephemera. Host … More >>

Rinker on Antiques: What Do Our Customers Want? (5/26/09)
harry-rinkerOn May 12, I attended Western Connecticut State University’s Macricostas Entrepreneur lecture entitled “Succeeding as an Entrepreneur in Today’s Challenging … More >>

My Childhood Keeps Disappearing (5/20/09)
View-Master Stereo Set Viewer with Light Up attachment with instructions and original box, circa 1950.All my cowboy heroes died before the 21st century began. Memories of the Korean and Vietnam wars are the purview … More >>

Harry Rinker on Gold Parties – Seller Beware (5/12/09)
picture-croppedIn this edition of Ask Harry Rinker on WorthPoint, Harry talks with Mary Brenneman about why it is wise to avoid … More >>

From Mother’s Day Plates to Hermès Scarves, Harry Rinker Knows (5/6/09)
"GradmaEditor’s Note: Harry Rinker gets lots of questions about art, antiques and collectibles. And you can always rely on him … More >>

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