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Harry Rinker Plays with His Toys (5/5/09)
picture-croppedIn this edition of Ask Harry Rinker on WorthPoint, Harry talks with Mary Brenneman about toys – to play or … More >>

With Gold Sale Parties, It’s Caveat Venditor, Not Emptor (4/20/09)
Gold and green sapphire ringIn these tough economic times, individuals are considering selling objects, such as antiques and collectibles, they no longer need to … More >>

Harry Rinker on Books (4/18/09)
picture-croppedIn this edition of Ask Harry Rinker on WorthPoint, Harry discusses all aspects of book collecting and how to determine … AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_1", {soundFile:"aHR0cDovL3d3dy53b3J0aHBvaW50LmNvbS93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAwOS8wNC9oYXJyeS1yaW5rZXItb24tYm9va3MxLm1wMw"}); More >>

Ask Harry Rinker (4/4/09)
In this edition of Ask Harry Rinker, he discusses downsizing and how to part with the antiques and collectibles you … AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_2", {soundFile:"aHR0cDovL3d3dy53b3J0aHBvaW50LmNvbS93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAwOS8wNC9hc2staGFycnktcmlua2VyLm1wMw"}); More >>

Good News for Dealers—Finally (4/4/09)
roller-coaster-1-flippedEditor’s Note: Expert Harry Rinker doesn’t enjoy delivering doom and gloom to antiques and collectibles business owners. So he’s happy … More >>

RINKER ON COLLECTIBLES—Column #1124 (2/25/09)
What Do I Do When I Cannot Afford An Appraiser?—Part I More >>

Collectors Put New Life in Old Bottles (2/20/09)
Paradise Oil bottleBottle hunters know that a rural farmstead’s dump and outhouse sites are prime locations for digging up a wealth of … More >>

Preventive Maintenance—Part I (2/14/09)
I recently returned from an extended weekend appearance, my sixth in as many years, in Lincoln City, Ore. I spent … More >>

Preserving precious letters from the past (1/30/09)
How do I protect a collection of poignant World War II letters from my father? First, copy them. Until recently, I … More >>

Sell Abroad or Stay Home? (1/19/09)
Are foreign markets better for selling antiques than American markets? Collecting has gone global, thanks to the Internet. As a result, … More >>

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