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Learn, Then Buy What Calls You (1/13/09)
I just attended a major antiques-and-collectibles show and saw some really gorgeous stuff. I had money, wanted to buy something … More >>

A ‘Tangible’ Time to Invest? (12/29/08)
I want to put some of my money into tangible assets such as coins or jewelry. What is the best … More >>

If Business Is Slow, Get Moving (12/22/08)
A friend has an antiques shop that does not attract a lot of foot traffic. As a result of the … More >>

RINKER ON COLLECTIBLES—Column #1118 (11/25/08)
Antiques and Collectibles at Residential Care Facilities When I do an appraisal clinic at a residential care facility, I expect to see some great stuff. When individuals downsize, they take their most treasured possessions with them. More >>

RINKER ON COLLECTIBLES—Column #1120 (11/25/08)
Buying from the Heart More >>

Selling: Consider Layaway (11/9/08)
Editor’s Note: With the economic situation going from bad to worse, Harry Rinker offers antiques and collectibles dealers some sound advice on how to successfully use layaways. More >>

Avoid Panic Selling, Find Great Bargains (11/3/08)
Editor’s Note: Harry Rinker, one of the country’s most respected and recognized antiques and collectibles experts, gives advice on whether now is the time to sell your collections. More >>

Vehicles & Accessories (1/29/08)
While Country collectors and decorators emphasize the vehicles and accessories from the horse-drawn vehicle era, there is growing collector interest … More >>

Wood & Natural Materials (1/29/08)
Rural America used wood because it was inexpensive and readily available. As land was cleared for settlement and farming, … More >>

Baskets (1/29/08)
The Country look focuses on baskets made of splint, rye straw or willow. Emphasis is placed on handmade examples. … More >>

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